Monday, July 2, 2012

Green Lantern Corps #10 - A Review

 More than any other writer working with the Green Lantern stable of characters in the past year, Peter Tomasi has shown a talent for getting inside the heads of his characters and balancing a diverse ensemble of fascinating personalities.  Green Lantern Corps #10 marks another fine character-study issue for Tomasi, as the saga of John Stewart: Convicted Killer continues.

Convicted of murdering a fellow Corps member, with the fact that he did so to prevent said Corps member from cracking under torture and revealing secret information to an enemy readily ignored at his trial, John Stewart has resigned himself to death.  However, most of his fellow Lanterns are unhappy with the idea of a death sentence in his case.  And even those who would gladly see Stewart die for his crime are unwilling to play the role of his executioner. 

Indeed, one of the most powerful scenes in this issue has the usually emotionless Guardians breaking their facade for a moment to tell the Alpha Lanterns - the cyborg Internal Affairs department of the GLC - that it will be their duty to deliver the sentence they demanded, rather than passing the duty on to a random firing squad of Green Lanterns or The Guardians themselves.  The drama here is worthy of an episode of Law and Order.  But don't worry action fans - there's plenty of superheroics as a group of Lanterns who REALLY isn't happy with the decision (including Guy Gardner) decide to break ranks and break John out of Death Row.

Tomasi's wonderful scripts are backed by an equally wonderful art team.  Penciler Fernando Pasarin not only meets the standard requirementof all Green Lantern artists to be skilled in designing unusual aliens and amazing constructs - he exceeds it.  Inker Scott Hanna does an excellent job of defining the pencils and knowing when to (no pun intended) lighten up on his shadows.  And colorist Gabe Eltaeb makes everything on the page come to life, the lights of the rings truly seeming to glow.

If you only read one Green Lantern book a month, make it this one.

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