Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Supergirl #10 - A Review

Supergirl #10 is a superheroic psychodrama.  Picking up where we left off in the last issue, we find that Kara (obviously) isn't quite as dead as she seemed e after being absorbed by the banshee father of her new friend/roommate Siobnah.  Waking up inside a mix of old memories and childhood dreams, Kara must do battle against The Black Banshee in a world of nightmares that he controls.

This issue has confirmed that Kara has come full-circle and embraced her inner hero.  The somewhat self-absorbed teenage girl - who was understandably obsessed with the idea of going home and the future she had planned out and lost - has become a young woman who knows the power she has and the responsibility it gives her.  When Kara realizes the true nature of where she is, her mind instinctively changes her into what she truly sees herself as - a warrior protecting the innocent.  As well it should given that Kara is not the only one who has somehow survived being absorbed by The Black Banshee... and Sibonah's beloved older brother needs her protection. 

This emotional development and character building - as well as the high-action scenes that accompany it, as Kara does battle with the monsters of her own making as well as whatever The Black Banshee can throw at her - are illustrated amazingly by Mahmud Asrar.  At times this has the feel of a Vertigo Comic, as Asrar draws everything in a disjointed and distorted fashion during the dream sequences.  The inks also seem to be heavier this time around, hinting at the inner darkness of the Black Banshee's soul world.

If you like books with strong heroines, you should be reading Supergirl.  If you don't like the Superman Family series of books, you should give Supergirl a try as there's no Superman and Kara has never felt overpowered or cliched since this series started over.  And if you like good comics, you should definitely be reading Supergirl.

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