Sunday, March 6, 2011

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Darkwing Duck Annual #1

GOOD THING: The main story continues the plot from the main books regarding the escape of Quackerjack - the Joker to Darkwing Duck's Batman - and continues to chronicle his downward spiral from a wacky prankster to a downright dangerous madman.

BAD THING: The back-up story in this annual seems like an afterthought compared to the first one. It isn't really bad but some of the visual storytelling from panel-to-panel seems a bit off. And the plot, involving a time-traveling turtle, is a little too generic superhero compared to the generally original stories we see in a Darkwing Duck tale.

The Final Verdict: A good issue though the back-up story is a little flat compared to the main feature. Still, if you like the Darkwing Duck cartoon, you'll like this comic!

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