Sunday, March 6, 2011

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Green Lantern #63

GOOD THING: This issue delves into the origins of The Guardians and the background of Krona, revealing that it was Krona who first created the Green Lantern ring... apparently over the objections of the other Guardians.

BAD THING: I'm not sure how to feel about the other major revelation - that Krona was directly responsible for the incident in Sector 666 which showed the instability of the robotic Manhunters whom The Guardians used as a police force before the creation of The Green Lantern Corps. While it does quite a bit to show just how far over the line Krona had gone at this point, it also takes undue responsibility off the shoulders of The Guardians.

The Final Verdict: A brilliant issue which explores the lore of the Green Lanterns as only Geoff Johns can look at comic book history.


  1. Huh, the Guardians originally just used the White Light?

  2. [Don averts eyes] Can't read review until I pick up the comic... must look away...

  3. They didn't use it. In fact, Krona's biggest crime (and the reason he was a fugitive) was that he wanted to study the emotional spectrum that life created as part of his efforts to learn how life began... which apparently leads to him creating the Green Lantern rings.
    Since they were meant to be Guardians of Life at the time, it makes sense that they'd adopt the White Life symbol...

  4. A shame... this is going to have a MAJOR impact on the Red Lanterns if the truth ever comes out...