Sunday, March 6, 2011

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Red Sonja #55

BAD THING: Artist Patrick Berkenkotter doesn't seem to understand how breasts work.

Take note, young artists! With some exceptions, most garments which cover the female chest are intended to do more than cover the nipple area - they also SUPPORT the weight of the breast. This is even more important for your more top-heavy women, such as Red Sonja.

I mention this because - granting that a chainmail bikini is a very impractical outfit 9 times out of 10 - the chainmail bikini as drawn here is even worse, providing no support to the underside of the breast at all. One might think Berkenkotter drew a nude figure first and then just started drawing chain-links over the figure until it had achieved whatever the editor considered "decently clothed".

In fairness, he's hardly the first artist to work on Red Sonja to have this problem but his artwork is particular noteworthy for creating a Red Sonja who somehow looks emaciated AND overly-muscled, depending on the panel!

GOOD THING: At least Eric Trautmann's still on hand to provide us with a good story, as Sonja thinks back on her fallen comrades and experiences a rare moment of self doubt regarding her ability to command. It's uncertain just when this adventure takes place but this could be a way of explaining just how Sonja went from leading armies in her youth to becoming a lone thief/sword for hire.

The Final Verdict: A good character-building story for Sonja, betrayed by some rather horrid artwork by an artist who manages the neat trick of creating a Sonja who alternates between being scary thin and overly muscular... often on the same page!

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