Sunday, March 6, 2011

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Secret Six #31

BAD THING: I'm going to have to listen to countless Gail Simone haters on the Internet for the next month scream bloody murder about how she's a huge hypocrite for devoting a storyline toward someone's love interest being imperiled. Never mind that said hyper-conservative "I can change her into a decent woman" nutjob is going after Liana because she's a lesbian and a stripper - NOT because she's romantically involved with the protagonist.

GOOD THING: I just love seeing Ragdoll - RAGDOLL, of all people - playing the moral superiority card on Scandal Savage and calling her out on replacing the woman she claims to love with a look-alike she claims to love, but doesn't seem to spend any time with apart from when they're having sex and spending all this time sitting on an item that COULD bring Knockout back to life and get her out of Hell.

The Final Verdict: One of the best books on the market and easily the best title centered on a team of villains.

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