Wednesday, March 30, 2011

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Darkwing Duck #10

BAD THING: To paraphrase Homer Simpson, "Stupid Sexy Furries!"

Okay, this isn't really a bad thing. Lord knows this isn't the first time there's been a sexualized animal character in a Disney product. But DAMN! Not since Maid Marian in Disney's Robin Hood has a cartoon character been more likely to drive young fanboys into an alternative lifestyle.

Incidentally, anyone else like the irony of a fox being employed by an agency that is mostly run by intelligent chickens and ducks? I smell double-crossing double-agent!

GOOD THING: I can forgive the thought of a thousand young furries being born as a result of this comic for this scene alone.

The Muddlefoots - Drake Mallard's wholesome next-door-neighboors, degenerating into Lovecraftian hellspawn.

Comics are awesome, aren't they? :)

The Final Verdict: Easily the best book for kids on the market today. Assuming you don't mind your children being turned into furries or fans of psychodramatic horror. :)


  1. Isn't that basically Maid Marian from Disney's Robin Hood in Emma Peel's wardrobe?
    Though really, I think WB's worse for this sorta thing. Minerva Mink, anyone?
    Of course, this also raises the question of just what the reading demographic for the comic is- I mean, it's a kid's comic, sure- but has Darkwing Duck even been on the air lately?

  2. 1. Basically. Most of the Disney animal-types look similar so they probably did use her for the basis of a female fox character.
    2. Minerva Mink was definitely more prevalent. But I think - not counting music videos and cameos in skits with ALL the characters, she only had like two solo cartoons on Animaniacs. So I'd hardly say WB was worse...
    3. I think they're aiming for a mix. It's definitely a kid friendly comic but there's a lot of bonus for the older fans like me who grew up with Darkwing Duck.