Wednesday, March 30, 2011

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About The Guild: Tink One-Shot

BAD THING: Day dances along a fine line here with the story here and I don't think she's entirely successful. The point of The Guild comics so far has been to give us a greater glimpse at the lives of our protagonists when they aren't playing the game or talking to their fellow guild members. With the first Guild series - which mostly focused on Codex - and the Vork one-shot, I think she did a good job. The problem is that the character of Tink is meant to be totally unsympathetic. So how do we explore her background and motivations while still remaining true to the character?

We don't. Instead of getting any real insight into Tink's character or background, we find out that she's a habitual liar who has purposely been feeding different information to her fellow guild members and the only real humor to be found here (unless you enjoy watching Tink being rude to people who don't deserve it for some reason) lies in just how outrageous her lies are and that the rest of the cast buys them hook, line and sinker.

GOOD THING: Once you get past the fact that the story is devoted to a manipulative, anti-social bitch who is meant to be totally unlikeable... it really isn't that bad.

And it really is funny in an ironic way that the one member of The Guild who would seem to defy most of the physical stereotypes about on-line gamers (male, unattractive, overweight or just plain weird) exemplifies, all of the negative emotional stereotypes regarding on-line gamers (anti-social, loner, sociopath).

The Final Verdict: A good read, provided you have no expectations of a sympathetic heroine or any real insight into her character past "wicked bitch".

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