Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wonder Woman's New Costume.... Looking Better?!?

SOURCE: Latest WONDER WOMAN TV Series Set Pics Reveal Changes to the Heroine's Costume

A LiveJournal outage this morning kept me from breaking this news. Still, five things worth noting about the costume as we see it in these photos and live footage.

1. The pants are no longer plastic.
2. The pants are a brighter shade of blue, which shows off the stars on the side better.
3. The corset appears to have been modified somewhat, so the cleavage is less obvious and - more importantly - so Wonder Woman can actually run in it.
4. The boots are red, which is a nod to tradition I'm rather happy about.
5. The boots are NOT stiletto heels, which is a hell of a lot more practical. Indeed, they look quite sensible for someone who plans to do a lot of running.

Color me optimistic that this show will be able to find a happy medium between the die-hard Wonder Woman fans and David Kelley's usual audience. At the very least, it looks like they're willing to at least pretend to care about what the fans think, which is a step-up from a lot of superhero projects.


  1. You can see more pictures here, dude - not too bad in action I think.

  2. Oh! I like the changes! The light blue was flat-out awful.
    Also, another bonus: The actress has epic bitchface. I would be scared if she were chasing me looking like that.

  3. I know. Not quite as buff as I'd like an amazon to be...but since her powers are mostly magical, I can let it slide. She at least looks like she could kick a guy's ass in that shot.

  4. Its starting to look like a version of Donna's original costume which I don't object to. I just object more to what David E. Kelley is doing.. though part of me hopes his wife plays Hippolyta.. I figure since she'd be more like the 1970s version. My favorite picture is the one of her partially seated on the ground.

  5. Yeah, the show concept still makes me nervous. But with some of the talent involved... I figure I can at least try and watch it now.