Sunday, February 20, 2011

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Doom Patrol #19

BAD THING: The artwork in this book is sub-par, rife with odd proportions, weird facial expressions and coloring mistakes.

Either they colored in Bane as Deadshot, or Floyd Lawton is attempting to hail himself.

GOOD THING: Most of the Secret Six are written true to form, with Keith Giffen writing a suitably twisted Ragdoll. I do think the personalities and lines got switched on Black Alice and Jeanette the Banshee, however. Perhaps that is why Alice's costume is now all-fishnets up the back?

The Final Verdict: Keith Giffen has written many fine comics. This isn't one of them. The fight between The Secret Six (Or Eight at this point) and The Doom Patrol is written well, but some of the characters (Black Alice and Jeanette in particular) seem a little off. Still, Giffen does manage to keep most of the background regarding Oolong Island in the background, so there's little to confuse us Secret Six fans who only picked this book up for the crossover. But even that can't save this book from some truly terrible artwork.

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