Sunday, February 20, 2011

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Green Lantern #62

GOOD THING: Johns has done a wonderful job in revealing the bad guy over these past few issues. What is more, he actually refers back to Larry Niven's unappreciated classic Ganthet's Tale without getting too bogged down in the continuity. Nice little nod to the long-time Green Lantern fans of how Hal DID face Krona once before.

BAD THING: You'd really think - Parallax incident aside - Hal would be given a little more credit from his fellow heroes. Well, okay... Batman doesn't trust Hal. And Barry is being blinded by his latent homosexual attraction to Hal (although that's just personal theory) but you'd think Superman of all people would be willing to give Hal the benefit of the doubt when he says "I appreciate the help but this is Lantern business - we have to deal with it.". It's not like Hal was butting in insisting on helping when New Krypton showed up...

The Final Verdict: A solid issue with some sly shout-outs to the last time GL baddy Krona showed up. Barry Allen is still a dick.

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