Sunday, February 20, 2011

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Darkwing Duck #9

GOOD THING: The Lovecraftian Mythos are introduced into the continuity of The Disney Afternoon, as F.O.W.L. - the COBRA of the Darkwing Duck universe - turn their goals from James Bond-style villainy to the summoning of creatures sane ducks know not wot of. This leads to Darkwing and long-time foe Steelbeak teaming up to stop these power mad baddies from summoning Cuthulu... er... Duckthulu!

BAD THING: The only bad thing I can see in this book is that there is no way they shall ever again be able to approach the apex of awesomeness with a single story concept ever again.

The Final Verdict: Darkwing Duck isn't as good as you remember - it's better. It's a great read for kids, full of sly humor for the adults and did I mention that this issue has Darkwing Duck preparing himself to fight Cthulhu?

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