Sunday, December 19, 2010

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Birds Of Prey #7

BAD THING: Obviously, this "Death of Oracle" thing is a total fake-out, right? Right?! Maybe not. This issue makes it clear that Babs is working toward building something bigger... but just what her role in it will be is totally unclear.

GOOD THING: I'm fairly certain gailsimone1 didn't borrow ideas from my column last year regarding the Lady Blackhawk/Huntress/Hal Jordan threesome suggested in Justice League: Cry For Justice #2... but boy does the dialogue here between Huntress and Canary sure fit my suggestions that...

1) it didn't happen.
2) Hal made a drunken ass of himself.
3) Dinah is totally ignorant of the incident particulars and Ollie - being Ollie - was just teasing Hal about what everyone else was saying.

The Final Verdict: A solid, funny issue, as per usual. A must read series!

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