Friday, December 17, 2010

Spider-Man Musical Opening Delayed... AGAIN!

SOURCE:'Spider Man' in web of problems, delays Broadway opening again

Lest anyone think I'm reveling a bit too much in the impending failure of yet another overblown, overhyped Marvel project, I would like to return the favor from yesterday and quote some words of wisdom from Rob Bricken of that sum up my attitude perfectly.

A lot of you guys have expressed concerned over the hard-working, probably talented guys working on the show under Taymor and Bono, and if the show folds, they'll be out of a job. That will suck, and I'll certainly hope for the best for those guys. But remember, the Spider-Man musical itself has Uncle Ben dying in a car wreck and a song by the spider who bit Peter Parker about how much she likes shoes. I can sure as hell hate the musical and the people in charge while pitying the poor guys who will be caught in the catackalysm.

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