Sunday, December 19, 2010

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Green Lantern #60

BAD THING: There's nothing in this issue - or the more recent Green Lantern comics, for that matter - telling us that you should have read Green Lantern Corps #54 before this issue or that you should read this issue before Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #5 (also out this week). This is a bad thing since, apparently, the stories are apparently beginning to come together.

While the stories in the three Green Lantern books so far have been independent of one another since Blackest Night and do an excellent job of standing apart on their own, it could be jarring to someone who is reading this title. but not GL Corps, to have the flow of the main story interrupted by the revelation that Sinestro's daughter has been kidnapped by the Qwardians and this causes him to suddenly leave Earth. Likewise, it would be more enriching to read GL: Emerald Warriors after this issue, because that comic has a revelation about this issue and the abduction of the other Emotion Entities on Earth.

GOOD THING: That being said, this story stands strongly as its' own entity. What is more, the final page has a revelation that seems obvious in retrospect regarding the mysterious being that is imprisoning the Emotion Entities, give their connection to one of the few aspects of the Green Lantern mythos that Geoff Johns hasn't explored yet...

Who is it? Like I'd tell you straight out? I'm sure it's on Scans Daily or some other site if you reaaaaaaaly have to know. ;)

The Final Verdict: A good issue of a great comic, which finally begins to clarify the big mystery of who is behind the abduction of the various emotional avatars. The only problem is that it's starting to connect with the storylines in the other Green Lantern titles as well but gives us no indication as to which comics we should read to get the rest of the story. Granted, there little chance that anyone WOULDN'T be reading all the Green Lantern books at this point... but still. What was that line Stan Lee once said about how every comic could be someone's first comic and all writers should keep that in mind?

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