Friday, December 11, 2009

The Rise of Arsenal & The Fall of Green Arrow: First Impressions

The Good News: A new writer is taking over Green Arrow/Black Canary and doing a whole epic storyline centering around Ollie and Roy.

The Bad News: The new writer is the same one who did Blackest Night: Titans and it's spinning out of Justice League: Cry For Justice. There's also precious little said about what role Dinah will play in all of this.

The Hopeful News: In listing what he thinks are the best Green Arrow stories of all time, Krul goes out of his way NOT to mention Judd Winick.

Original Story

Interview With J.T. Krul


  1. I hoped for about three seconds until I saw who was writing it. Goddamnit. What's it take to get a good GA story going on anymore?
    Dinah is not pleased, nor am I.

  2. What's it take to get a good GA story going on anymore?
    Me writing for DC? :)
    But seriously... much as I didn't like BN: Titans, I'm willing to give the first issue a fair shot. If nothing else, I like the way this guy talks a good game in the interview. And the parts of BN: Titans I think actually worked - i.e. some of the smaller character moments - are what a good Green Arrow story is going to require.

  3. Yes. However, it is marred somewhat by the fact that Ollie is WEARING THE FRELLING SMALLVILLE COSTUME!

  4. And I just looked at the picture again and thought "Don't blink!"