Sunday, December 13, 2009

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Barack The Barbarian #3

GOOD THING: More of the same sharp political parody we've come to expect. But also, a surprisingly effective satire of Robert E. Howard's Tower Of The Elephant.

BAD THING: Your enjoyment of this issue may be limited unless you can cope with some truly awful puns. I present as Exhibit A the means through which our heroes summon the young people to aid them in storm the tower; The Tweeter.

The Final Verdict: Taken for that it is, it is a good book. Palin-loving Neo-Cons won't like it as Red Sarah is rightly (ha-ha) portrayed as a trigger-happy loon. But saner conservatives may be surprised by how respectful the book is towards John McCain. And all fans of Conan should give it a look see, too.

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