Sunday, December 13, 2009

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Warlord #9

GOOD THING: Mike Grell writing and art, as per the last two issues. But unlike the last two issues, the story in this one is fairly straight forward. There's only one flashback and it is clearly identified as such.

BAD THING: The problem is that while the story is fairly straight forward (i.e. Morgan returns home from chasing the minions of Kate Archer) there's really not much plot. Nothing really happens apart from various couples hooking up and the revelation of what the villain is up to is only allowed three pages at the very end.

Also, because this is Mike Grell, there is a LOT of fan-service in the artwork that renders me unable to show a lot of the pages. But on the bright side, Mike delivers fan service for both sexes evenly.

The Final Verdict: Despite having more hook-up scenes than some fan-fiction this issue, this series is proving to be like a visit from an old friend you haven't seen in forever. I highly recommend you all enter the lost world of The Warlord.

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