Friday, December 11, 2009

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Blackest Night: Wonder Woman #1

GOOD THING: Great Nicola Scott artwork. Excellent job capturing the horror and excitement of the situation.

BAD THING: Your mileage may vary on this but I've never really liked Greg Rucka's take on Wonder Woman. He always wrote her as more of a goddess and less of a woman. That works okay in certain situations - such as the stories Rucka wrote which had Diana confronting gods and monsters on a regular basis.

But the earth-bound goddess characterization is problematic in a story like this where Diana is having to confront Maxwell Lord again. Her fight with Max has been shown to be one of the more difficult situations in her life - one which was treated as having a major impact on how Diana handled conflicts, both as a heroine and in her personal life.

Here, she shrugs off the moment where she faces a man she killed (or a reasonable facsimile there of) with casual indifference and proves utterly unshockable even as the dead are rising from their graves and soldier's graveyard is being desecerated.

Rucka's feelings about Diana as a character are lain bare when it is revealed that she does not rage or feel fear - she is nothing but one big glowing ball of Love. This is why I never liked Rucka's take on Diana - he makes Diana too perfect.

He does not allow her the strength to experience rage or fear like we mere mortals do. And in making her perfect, he makes her weak as a character. I much prefer the take on Diana where she is very much a woman and very human - a better person than most, but still capable of the rage of righteous fury or the fear of being powerlss to help others.

The Final Verdict: It is too early to tell if this can be skipped but given that this issue ends with Diana flying off to a battle we already know the result of (See Blackest Night #5, True Believer!), it's a little anti-climactic. Scott's artwork is strong as ever, though, so you Secret Six fans might give this a look-see for that reason alone.

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