Friday, December 11, 2009

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Blackest Night: Flash #1

GOOD THING: I'm not going to go with an easy answer like "Johns and Kolins working together again on a Flash story" or even "a Rogues-centered adventure in the spirit of Rogue's Revenge". No. Instead I'm going to point out how utterly awesome it is that Captain Cold gets the entire team to agree to doing something heroic and stupid on the grounds that if the zombies are going to be coming for you sooner or later, you might as well make it sooner.

BAD THING: The opening scenes with Barry recapping how he is alive again spoil the ending of the as-of-yet unreleased Flash: Rebirth #6. Bit of a downer, especially since these scenes - which also describe Barry's actions through Blackest Night so far - only seem to be included for Flash fans who haven't been reading Blackest Night until now.

The Final Verdict: Despite a big whopping spoiler for the end of Flash: Rebirth, a must read for any and all fans of The Rogues and The Flash. Just wait for Flash:Rebirth #6 before you open this one up.


  1. See, I never really though of what Johnns did with The Rogues as being all THAT grim and gritty, save for the new Mirror Master developing a drug habit.
    Cold's always been willing to kill post-Crisis - Johns just gave him a reason. Making Heatwave a pyromaniac really didn't change the character a wit. Compared to most of the villains, The Rogues have actually remained somewhat gray.

  2. just reading back through these. This is a play on the origin of the Hobgoblin isn't it? isn't it?