Wednesday, December 23, 2009

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Blackest Night: JSA #1

GOOD THING: Very effective job on the early flashbacks recapping the origins and deaths of the JSA founding members who are returning from the dead. And, hey - JACK KNIGHT CAMEO!

BAD THING: The writing assumes you know who all of these heroes are and about the on-going story of JSA and all the relationships between all the characters. While it's a safe bet that the JSA fans who pick this up are that well-informed, the people picking up all the Blackest Night tie-ins (i.e. the new readers issues like this are meant to reach out to and draw into the story) probably aren't. So scenes like the above where Power Girl is hit by feelings of loss regarding her cousin (or is that Uncle?) are less effective for those who don't know about Power Girl's... shall we say, unique relationship... with the Superman of another universe.

The Final Verdict: Not a bad intro and a darn good story. Too bad you HAVE to be a JSA fan to have any hope in Hell of understanding half of this.


  1. Wait. Cyclone has rage? And here I'd pegged her as an over-enthusiastic fangirl. Unless she's harnessing REPRESSED NERD RAGE, which'd be kinda awesome.

  2. Well, she's having to fight zombies of her friends and people she admires. That can trigger the rage pretty quick.