Wednesday, December 23, 2009

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Green Lantern #49

GOOD THING: Ed Benes is on art duties for most of the issue, proving that he can do more than just cheesecake.

BAD THING: Good as it is to finally see John for more than a page at a time - and getting a whole solo issue, no less - it is a bit jarring for me, as a fan who still thinks of John as the architect from the streets who showed Kyle Rayner the ropes, to see John being portrayed as an ex-Marine above all other aspects of his personality. I know more fans are probably familiar with that take on John thanks to the Justice League cartoon but it's still a bit weird for me.

The Final Verdict: A good solid issue, with a good story and good artwork in both of its' parts. The scenes of John Stewart as a Marine sharpshooter may not gel with your view of the character if you're of a certain age range but the scenes are good ones, though not for the weak-hearted or small children.


  1. Was there even an opportunity to draw cheesecake that he could've taken? I don't recall any offhand.

  2. Well, I suppose he COULD have done gratitous butt shots on the zombie Katma...
    My point was that he's often accused of indulging in cheesecake because he can't draw anything else and this issue proves that - in fact - he can.