Wednesday, December 23, 2009

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Teen Titans #78

GOOD THING: Author J.T. Krul does know how to write a stirring character speech...

BAD THING: ... but unfortunately, when that speech is devoted toward trying to get me to see the good side of a statutory rapist and child-murderer like Slade Wilson... yeah. Good luck with that one. And what is worse is that for the one of Slade's kids, his justification for his actions actually works!

The Final Verdict: Can be easily skipped by those of you who are only interested in vitally important Blackest Night stories. The only interesting revelation to come out of this issue is that Jericho can use his possession powers to take control of Black Lanterns. As for the rest of you, you tolerance for this issue is entirely dependent upon your viewpoint of Deathstroke.

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