Sunday, December 20, 2009

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Power Girl #7

GOOD THING: A nice twist on the age-old "villain or misguided hero tries to woo hero" plot, as we see Vartox - the most 70s of Supermen - go a-wooing after Power Girl, after all the people of his adopted homeworld are rendered sterile following a super-villain attack.

BAD THING: Funny as this is, anyone who remembers Vartox is unlikely to appreciate his being reduced to buffoon status as he was always presented as a truly heroic figure before. And the way this is portrayed is way too reminiscent of her fight with "Da' Bomb" in JSA #39.

The Final Verdict: Old school Superman fans may be up in arms over some debatable continuity conflicts. But overall this is a wonderful jump-on issue for those of you wanting to give Power Girl a shot.

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