Sunday, December 20, 2009

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Justice League of America #40

GOOD THING: The Good Dr. Light fights the evil Black Lantern Dr. Light... and kicks his ass. I feel this important to mention considering considering what happened the last time this match-up occurred. Now THAT is the James Robinson I'm used to seeing write a superhero story.

BAD THING: Pretty much any positive goodwill that might be generated by Dr. Light defeating her evil counterpart is negated by the fact that she melts her own costume off in the process. I know Mark Bagley loves depicting shredded costumes but you'd think he have gotten his fill of this sort of thing after Ultimate Spider-Man.

The Final Verdict: A serviceable issue but only that. I find myself irked that the Zatanna vs. Zatara fight takes place entirely off-panel and that Doctor Light and Vixen - who are respectively powerful and versatile - are shown to have as much trouble as they do with the Black Lanterns of Evil Dr. Light and Vibe. And I find myself wondering just how the heck Evil Dr. Light's powers aren't shutting his own ring down.

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