Saturday, December 19, 2009

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Booster Gold #27

BAD THING: While the creative team generally did a good job of introducing the characters and making things accessible to first-time readers, the scenes with Booster Gold and Rip Hunter arguing about past incidents are a little confusing.

GOOD THING: Lots and lots of Ted Kord love, from his best friend and his successor. Here's hoping for more neo-Blue/Gold team-ups in the future.

The Final Verdict: I've been told I need to be reading this series over and over. With this issue, I think I'm ready to start listening.


  1. Is there still a Blue Beetle backup story? Or do they not bother with it since Jamie's playing guest star?

  2. well, Jade and a few other BL's briefly had themselves look normal. And you have to figure they wouldn't kill a guy like Superboy-Prime off panel, so who knows how it'll work. I mean even having a black ring try to kill him itself didn't take.

  3. They didn't bother for the two issues I read but I'm sure that's because Jamie had an active role in the Booster story.