Thursday, November 12, 2009

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Green Lantern Corps #42

In this case, they are both one and the same thing...

BAD THING: Kyle Rayner, the character who got me into reading comics in the first place, is killed at the end of the book.

GOOD THING: If this truly is the end for Kyle Rayner (and I very much doubt it is), then at least he was given a truly epic death, sacrificing himself to save the Green Lantern Power Battery and - since the GLPB is the source of all the Green Lanterns' power - the whole bloody universe, since the Green Lanterns are so pivotal to stopping the Black Lanterns.

So take THAT, HEAT members! Sure, you got your dead Kyle... but he got a much better death than Hal Jordan ever did.

The Final Verdict: If this be how it ends, then it be a worthy end. But I don't think this is the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. A must read, either way.


  1. I cried like the super-wimp I am. And then I started biting my nails waiting for #43 because I want to see Guy rage out. And I want to see what saves him. Because, damnit, something will bring Guy back from the epic rage. I will not have both my lanterns dead.
    Such good writing on this one, too. Which made it worse, really. I was cursing Tomasi (and Johns and the rest) while also being highly impressed with sheer badass of it.

  2. add the fact that it was a very well done book that made me gasp and left me in shock at the end. excellently executed.

  3. See, that's what gets me. I really can't get pissed off about this because it WAS so well written. That and if Kyle actually DOES die for real (well, real as comics death is), that he got a bad ass heroic death where he sacrificed himself to save at least one universe if not the whole multiverse.
    I suspect that if Hal can actually manage to balance his rage to control a Red ring, Guy can too. After all, Guy has a lot more experience trying to keep his anger in line while using a Green Lantern ring.