Wednesday, November 25, 2009

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Conan The Cimmerian #16

GOOD THING: After last month's one-shot set in Conan's far future, this issue returns us... albeit through a flashback... to where we last left off, with a relatively green Conan finally breaking free of his current lofty position of responsibility in favor of doing what he does best; kicking ass with an army of brothers.

BAD THING: While it is good to see the story moving forward and the flashback device here is fairly effective, I think I would like to have seen the actual battle that killed most of Conan's comrades rather than seeing the aftermath and Conan fighting a dinosaur while trying to escape from the enemy army while flashing back to just how he got into this mess.

The Final Verdict: We're back to the main plot after last month's reprieve. Not a lot of action, since most of the story is told in flashback. Still, a must-read series for any fan of sword-and sorcery and fans of Conan in particular.

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