Monday, September 28, 2009

Heroes: Season 4 - The First Two Hours


Peter is awesome again. His power is apparently back to full strength (I'm too tired to ask why at this point) and he's back to his heroic ways, working as a paramedic and using his powers to help make the job easier.

The sequence with Tracy trying to kill Noah was actually pretty good. And the brief flirtation between the two is the most interesting thing that has been done with either of them in a while.

Danko is finally dead. I'm curious how he stayed out of prison after last season but hey - no point in worrying now.

Matt and Noah both tell Angela off for forcing them into the whole "saving Sylar's life" situation. And Peter tells Noah off (politely) for trying to drag him back into being a Company man.


The whole story arc with Claire and her dead roommate is just BORING. I can't believe we spent two minutes watching Hayden P. suck at playing Guitar Hero.

The writers clearly have no idea what to do with Hiro. The whole "my powers are killing me" thing is classic soap opera. And the "I can use my powers to do this... but i must not!" thing got tired two seasons ago.

They didn't wait long at all before showing that Sylar/Nathan is breaking his programming.

I have no idea what the deal is with The Compass, The Carnies or how being able to move earth translates into controlling ink and using tattoos to strangle someone.


I'm just going to lay this prediction out right now and promise myself an M&M Blizzard if I am right; Claire's new best friend killed her roommate as part of a misguided effort to "get to know Claire". Because I'm just cynical enough to think the only way NBC would allow a lesbian college girl relationship to be depicted is if it turns out that the other girl is a psycho killer.

What's the one thing worse than still having Sylar around? Having two Sylars around. Prediction: Matt will go over the edge as "Sylar" begins taking over Mr. Hyde style.

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  1. There is a bit too much Sylar, too soon, but at the same time, I think the Carnies are cool.