Friday, September 25, 2009

Fast Thoughts on Almost Everything I Read - The Week Of 9/23/09

One book that was good (though not as good as it has been), one book that was spectacularly bad and a whole lot of meh. Today, we discuss the Meh.

BLACKEST NIGHT SUPERMAN #2 : The most interesting part - Supergirl fighting her zombie father on New Krypton - is also the part given the shortest shrift. Dragging an undead Psycho Pirate (who has the power to manipulate emotions) into the mix is an inspired idea but it can't hide the fact that Robinson's dialogue sounds just plain weird at times, especially the Earth 2 Superman.

CONAN THE CIMMERIAN #14 : Did you want to read an exciting adventure about Conan's village having to fight a monster? No? Too bad, cause that's what most of this issue is devoted to, apart from some brief scenes showing how quickly bored Conan gets by easy love and palace life. It's not that bad by any means but as cool as it is seeing Conan's mom kicking monster ass, I'd much rather see a whole issue watching Conan hunt in the queen's private park than cutting away to see what is happening elsewhere.

DOCTOR WHO:BLACK DEATH/WHITE LIFE : It's a typical New Who Season 3 story, with Martha Jones being next to useless and The Doctor having to play at being a real Doctor as he deals with a space plague infecting 17th Century England. Easily skipped by all but the most die-hard of Whovians.

Later This Weekend: Why Power Girl Is Awesome and Why I'm Glad I Didn't Cancel My Subscription To Hellblazer Until Now.

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