Monday, September 28, 2009

Heroes: Season 4 - Episode 2: Ink


The revelation that Matt did indeed put Sylar's personality inside his head, using the logic that "I'm a cop, he's a killer. I stop killers. If that means imprisoning him inside my head, so be it." It's stupid but it's the ballsiest thing Matt has ever done, so I'm willing to let it slide.

The whole fake-out with Sylar proving just how much of a threat he can be inside of Matt's head was VERY effective. Basically, Sylar used Matt's own power against him and caused him to see several things that weren't there, tricking Matt into accusing a drug-dealer of kidnapping and murder with a lot of evidence that didn't actually exist and nearly beating the guy to death.

Again with the character growth! Noah actually admits he can't protect Claire for the rest of her life and that he has to let her handle her own problems.

Still no sign of Mohinder. He didn't even do the voice-over. Not even the Previously On Heroes.


The murder mystery re: Claire's roommate has been completely dropped. And they didn't even bother to hide the subtext of Claire's new friendship ("Can I see it?" "This is my first time?") If you're going to make with the lesbians, let's get it over with and see some kissing!

Our new carnie bad guy's power doesn't make any sense to me. He says he's an Earth-Mover and we did see him fill in a grave with a wave of his hand. But how does that translate into him being able to absorb ink, make someone's tattoo choke them, throw a bottle at a pyramid of milk bottles and letting it stand despite knocking out one of the middle pins and being able to photoshop newspaper photos with a touch?

Emma - the newest hero. A deaf woman who hates people, intentionally isolates herself by wearing headphones so people won't talk to her... and her power is seeing sounds as colors. Or maybe she really does have synthesia and her power is being able to pick up any musical instrument and play it like a pro instantly. Either way, what the hell is the point of this character and every scene she was in?!

I just realized - why is this show called HEROES when the only person who is really doing anything heroic or noble is Peter?


I think that HEROES must take place in some parallel version of the Marvel Universe... because I'm hard pressed to believe there is anywhere else where people - much less hospital workers who presumably would be fairly intelligent and well educated - are so stupid/evil to believe it possible for an ordinary man (keep in mind none of his co-workers know about Peter's powers) to rig multiple accidents without people being killed, just so that he can set himself up as a hero - something that Peter is accused of doing after being sued for dislocating a man's shoulder while saving his life.

For that matter, aren't EMT's insured against this type of thing? Something like Malpractice Insurance for Doctors?

When people look back and ask at which point HEROES jumped the shark, I think the words "The Cello Scene" will be fairly common.


  1. Really? Jumping the shark for me happened when Nathan flew Peter into the sky to explode :)

  2. Apparently Mohindrance had lined up a gig on Psych. Maybe he's not long for the heroes gig.

  3. It would probably be better for my mental health if I told myself that's when the show ended...

  4. There are plenty of shows out there where ordinary people get powers, I guess they decided to call this HEROES to appeal more to comic book (and comic book movie) fans and to try and stand out more.