Monday, April 20, 2009

I Miss Birds Of Prey Too...

For those of you who want to see the evidence that Andrew Kreisberg has no idea what he is doing with Green Arrow/Black Canary following my review, somebody got the offending pages from the new Green Arrow/Black Canary posted along with scans from the Birds of Prey that show...

1. Dinah does have the fine control to destroy a pool ball in someone's hand without hurting the hand, using the Canary Cry.

2. Dinah does, in fact, carry lock-picks in her gloves and knows how to use them!

Read it and weep, kids.


  1. I am supposed to feel soiled right?

  2. Slightly unclean for one reason or another, yes...

  3. That is pretty pathetic.
    I also like how in one frame they are wearing manacles, in others they have regular handcuffs on. Seriously? WTF?
    I am so glad I don't buy this.

  4. ...
    I can't believe I didn't notice that...
    I can't believe anybody else failed to notice that!
    Good job!
    In retrospect, this does put a lot of the artist's comments in perspective. Apparently he went off on a tangent on the DC Comics boards and said something to the effect of the line from The Producers - "You are the audience. I am the writer. I outrank you!" - to all the Dinah fans complaining about how horribly powered down/dumbed down Dinah was.

  5. It really just jumped out at me, I saw it before I read anything.
    But tell me if I am wrong here... Does the damn thing switch hands too? It looks like the manacle is on the left, but when it is a handcuff it is on the right side?

  6. No, your observation is spot-on. Ollie is indeed shackled by the left hand.
    However, it looks like Dinah used her own handcuffs on Ollie's right hand. Which makes a little more sense, except that...
    1. Dinah carries handcuffs but not lockpicks?!
    2. Cupid didn't think she had to chain both Ollie's hands?