Monday, April 20, 2009

Thoughts on HEROES, Season 4, Chapter 11 - I Am Sylar

I Am Sylar.

I Am Spartacus.

I Am The Son And Heir Of Nothing In Particular.

I Am Human And I Need To Be Loved.

I Am The Terror That Flaps In The Night...

I Am Ripper... Tearer... Slasher... Gouger.

I Am The Teeth In The Darkness, The Talons In The Night. Mine Is Strength... And Lust... And Power!

I am Beowulf!

I Am Done With This Joke.

8:00 - So, for those of you who need reminding... Sylar has mommy issues.. and doesn't know who his mommy was, Matt's baby son (also named Matt) has a power to turn things on and off remotely - including superpowers, Micah the Technopath is REBEL aka the leader of the superhuman resistance, Danko and Sylar have formed a partnership and Sylar now has the power to shape-shift and is masquerading as one of Danko's agents.

8:01 - And there is Sylar masquerading as Nathan.

8:02 - Sylar wakes up as his new identity...Identity crisis? Can't control his powers? And they let Janice out of prison pretty quickly, especially given that her baby was still on loose...

8:03 - Wow. Matt turned around pretty quickly on the whole "getting revenge" thing. But that's totally in-character given that becoming a dad WOULD change your priorities. But him telling Hiro and Ando to give up on stopping Danko seems a wee hypocritical given that it was Hiro and Ando's refusal to give up that lead to his son being saved. Not to mention that - Powerful as Matt is - I doubt even he can hold off the agents bound to come after him and his son forever. Especially if he doubts that he can reconcile with Janice and bring their family back together... still, I can reconcile hypocritical behavior better than I can out-of-character behavior...

8:06 - Oh, that's it! They finally came back to the whole "Sylar's altering his DNA is making him unstable in every sense of the word" idea from Season One... the shape-shifting is just making it more pronounced and accelerating things.

8:07 - And everyone thinks Peter is Emo... geez.... cool visual though, carving "I Am Sylar" in his arm with his telekinesis...

8:10 - Tom Miller? Who is Tom Miller? Wait... is that Red Foreman from That 70's Show?!?

8:12 - Snap your finger and make things break? That's nearly as lame as the melting guy from Season One!

8:13 - Yeah... so much for Sylar laying low, eh?

8:14 - I just realized... Micah's actor's name is in the credits this week. I hope Sylar doesn't get him...

8:15 - Oh gods... just what I wanted more of... More Sylar dealing with his issues and male bonding with Danko... gag me.

8:16 - "It's dangerous let... lady like." BWAHAHA! Now this is what we want... more Hiro/Ando development and comedy.

8:18 - Okay... I have no idea WHY Ando is suddenly immune to Hiro's time-stop. Neither does Hiro. But unlike Hiro, I like it. :) Probably has something to do with him touching Ando when he froze time. Seems to work like that for most of the other powers (invisibility, phasing, etc)

8:22 - Smelling your dead adopted mother's dress? Even for Sylar this is creepy and wrong.

8:23 - Oh geez... you're feeling all depressed now that you realized what a monster you are for killing the woman you thought was your mom? And now you're having an imaginary conversation with her? Cry me a river and die, Sylar. *gags*

8:25 - Aha! It's because they WERE touching.

8:26 - Ando and Hiro are Batman and Superman... that's the perfect metaphor for so many reasons.

8:27 - ...Because like Superman, Hiro is a dick.

8:28 - I asked them not to do it... and now they are doing it. Micah runs right into Sylar. Thankfully, I'm sure Micah is smart enough to have come up with a plan for this...

8:33 - Okay... he may not have had a plan. But he could sure as hell improvise... and as far as plans go, trying to convince a confused and dazed Sylar that he can be a hero and a savior to the "special" humans isn't a bad one. Wonder if Micah hacked The Company files re: Sylar and his mommy issues?

8:34 - Heh. Guard was wondering same thing as me - why is the other guard suddenly wearing glasses - and Ando winds up saving Hiro. Just like when one of Superman's plans goes wrong.

8:37 - So wait... Sylar is actually changing into people, body AND mind by touching their stuff? And he was actually changing into the woman who he thought was his mother... And Micah recognized it as what was happening to his mom... That is... actually kinda cool and explains why he is feeling so messed up. But it also kinda shoots that "Niki was merely skitzo" theory in the head... right?

If nothing else, this episode has me thinking... which is welcome.

8:42 - Still, looks like Sylar decided Micah had a good idea... and that this is how he decided to become Nathan... assuming this happened at the same time that the events of 1961. But how is Sylar doing this if Nathan is persona non grata and Danko outed him?

8:43 - Oh, now this is a nightmare... having your mom forever trapped inside your head criticizing your every move.

8:45 - And here we go... Sylar going back to the Season One idea of becoming President someday. And am I the only one who just realized that means Spock would become Worf? :)

8:46 - Who wants to bet that Janice sold Matt out to the agents and that's why she's so anxious to get him out of there?

8:47 - And... all of this was happening at the same time as 1961. Which leaves me wondering just how Matt got across the country so quickly. Then again, it does seem a few days have been passing here and there... so yeah. I'll just trust that it fits. Wouldn't be the first time they've had the exact events overlap.

8:48 - HEROES: Nowhere Man. Dammit... that was going to be the name of one of the characters in the superhero RPG I am running for my friends... :P

8:52 - Oh good... characters I actually care about.

8:53 - Yes, Pete. He started it. He can finish it. And then you can finish it when Sylar finishes him.

8:54 - Did Hiro finally give himself an aneurysm from squeezing his eyes like that all these years?

8:55 - And Matt finally found his balls again. Just in time.

8:56 - Oh wait... it wasn't a side-effect of the shape-shifting! It was the power he took from that one woman earlier in Season 3 that let him know the history of something by touching it and that applied to DNA... holy shit, that is awesome!

8:58 - Someone else we haven't missed... go away Mohinderance!

9:00 - Okay. So everyone except Peter, Hiro and Ando (and possibly Matt and his family) has been captured... Nathan is at the very least electrocuted, possibly dead. And Sylar apparently can't get hurt by something as simple as the knife in the back of the head anymore...

The Final Word: Next week can't come fast enough.


  1. I am a week behind again.
    It wasn't Red Foreman, it was Clint Howard, who is also awesome.
    Matt seemed to have gotten away as he made the shock troops oblivious to them being in the room.
    I think Matt needs to mind rape them all permanently so no trooper can ever see him or his family again.

  2. The only ones who got mind-raped in the last episode were the viewers.