Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fast Thoughts - The Week of 4/15/09

Small week this week. I picked up two books and flipped through another two out of morbid curiosity.

FABLES #83 - A bit of a place-holder, this one. Not much happens except things get set-up for Bigby to go spend some time with Jack over in his book and we get a few more indications of just how utterly screwed The Fables are re: Mister Dark AND The Literals. Still, good book.

GREEN ARROW/BLACK CANARY #19 - So much to dislike about this issue.

1) Andrew Kreisberg proving that he knows nothing about Black Canary's power levels, by rendering her incapable of the fine control to break a length of chain without hurting Green Arrow or breaking the train-tracks he is chained to.

2) Andrew Kreisberg saying that Dinah - unlike every other street-level hero, including Ollie - does NOT carry lock-picks upon her person. (For the record, according to Birds of Prey, Dinah does and in fact got training in how to use them from Mister Miracle.)

3) Kreisberg is rehashing the old Mike Grell storyline about Dinah growing suspicious about Ollie being around another costumed woman... except that instead of this being about Ollie going off on his own repeatedly to help a fellow archer (i.e. Shado), this is about a crazy woman (i.e. Cupid) who was actively trying to kill Ollie and several dozen other people in the process.

4) Kreisgeber is rehashing ANOTHER Mike Grell storyline about Ollie growing increasingly dark and tormented - something which scares both him and Dinah. Although instead of this being caused by Ollie breaking his rules regarding killing criminals in order to save Dinah's life, it is caused by Ollie feeling bad about not feeling bad about someone else killing and maiming his rogues gallery.

5) The fact that Mike Grell is writing for DC again (Go Buy Warlord #1!) and that if we're just going to get rehashed Grell stories, I'd rather Mike was writing them so at least the dialogue would be better.

6) Dinah threatening Ollie with serious violence being played for laughs. Again. ("If you ever tase me again, you'll either need a divorce lawyer or a coroner!") I don't recall if she punched him again but it wouldn't surprise me.

ORACLE: THE CURE #2 - More of the same problems from last month. Cheesecake cover with cleavage you could ski down. Babs out-sourcing more of her hacking duties to scrubs and idiots. Babs being totally ignorant regarding high-end VR technology AND social networking/game sites. Babs being posed suggestively in the artwork as she fights against a gang of attempted muggers/rapists. And more of this "concerned daddy" Calculator who IS trying to find a way to use the Anti-Life Equation to heal his daughter. Oh, and Babs may have paralyzed a guy intentionally while fighting the muggers.

*face palms* On the bright side, there is nothing so far to suggest that Babs will actually be "cured" of her paralysis in the next and last issue of this mini-series. The bad news is that given everything that has happened so far, such a last-second, out into left-field change wouldn't be totally unexpected.

GREEN LANTERN CORPS #35 - Quite a bit here. Most of it good. Some of it hackneyed.

* One Red Lantern is all it takes to arrange a jailbreak of the imprisoned Sinestro Corps members AND their locked-up yellow rings.

* Guy and Kyle lead a charge of the light brigade into the prison area to take down the escapees.

* Sodam Yat and Arisia make it to Daxam... only to discover that Sodam's father has a solution to the enslavement of his people; kill yourselves to show them that we won't be their slaves. Sodam chews his dad AND his people out for being the xenophobic cowards they are and declares that he will teach them how to fight. Good luck with that.

* A recently escaped Sinestro arrives on Korugar and seeks out his estranged daughter... current Green Lantern of Korugar Soranik! (Ba-bum-BUUUUUUUM!)

That last revelation is a little cheeseball and we cut away from the big GL/SC prison break fight scene just as it begins. Hopefully we'll get a little more action next time.

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