Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Green Arrow/Black Canary #15 - In Review

After a year-long story arc in which Ollie and Dinah were forced to play second fiddle to Batman in their own title and Connor Hawke was turned into a generic martial artist with a healing factor, most Arrowheads were glad to see Judd Winick step off the book.

Saying that hopes were high for this issue, Andrew Kreisberg's first on the title, would be putting it mildly. Shortly after #14 was released, bold proclamations were made. No more would Ollie be portrayed as a poor man's Batman! No more would Dinah be limited to the role of eye-candy, ring-chasing bimbo or hostage! Everything would be better, right?


*bangs head against desk*

They couldn't even let us have ONE panel to dream, could they?!

*sighs* At least it's just a knife to the throat and not a sword in her mouth this time. Still... you'd think they'd know better than to open with this! Unless... is it a fake-out? Is this a feint so Dinah can lay the smack down?

YES! It was a feint. And the smackdown was lain! Could we get some sweet-talking from the two love-birds?

Awwww. That's picture perfect. Okay. Fade to black and print it.

*whisper whisper whisper*

What? What do you mean there's another page left? Oh.. well, okay. Run it!




Oh, HELL no!

Bad enough that Dinah spent most of the last year in her own book not doing anything! Now they have to portray her as being criminally negligent regarding her superpowers, injuring innocent people!


At least we still have Justice League of America...


  1. Does this mean we'll have TWO Fiddler legacy villains? I mean Gail Simone seems to keep adding them in the background of her comics, but they don't get much use it seems...

  2. *facepalm*
    And I'm out ...

  3. Oh, I get it. I do. This leads in to DC's new mega event "War Between the Heroes" Ollie leads one side, Dinah the other.
    At the end a clone of Wicker Sue will end up killing one of them!

  4. None of Gail's legacy villains get much use.
    I still want to know the story of the female Crazy Quilt.

  5. Nah, nah. You're thinking of if this were Marvel.
    DC - we're just going to have Batman show up in two issues, chide Dinah for being irresponsible and then he will kick a lot of ass while Ollie stands around and wishes he was more like Bruce.

  6. Amazing. You're out from headdesking and yet you were still able to type "And I'm out" before blacking out. Most impressive.

  7. Nah, I jsut want more Wicker Sue and Wicker related cross overs.

  8. Ambush Bug: Year None. If you aren't reading it already.

  9. Oh, I am. I almost gave it up as I am not a strong enough DC historian to catch everything, but Wicker won me over.

  10. So... can someone explain to me how Dinah suddenly accidentally injures someone with her Canary Cry after YEARS of use and experience?
    Right, I'll just chalk this up to idiotic writing.

  11. I'm hoping that this is more the prelude to Dinah beginning to lose control of her power, possibly thanks to the cut on her larynx. I mean, I don't want her to lose control, but it might make for an interesting story, and the point seems to be the hole in the wall was too small for the heroes to notice.
    At least, that's what I'm hoping, because this still isn't Winick.

  12. I'm thinking maybe hope is lost at this point, but I'll read the next one in the store to see.
    What truly bothers me now - and I missed it in all the outrage over Dinah being a hostage as the book opens - is that Dinah is honestly thinking that she is going to die, instead of thinking about how she is going to get out of this situation.
    So all the bad-assery when she catches an arrow in flight and uses it as an impromptu weapon is just blind luck rather than true bad-assery...

  13. I distinctly think that's unfair: it's only Kriesburg's first issue, and it's clearly mostly him trying to get hold of writing the characters.
    Dinah's inner monologue on the first page seems characteristically snarky about the situation to me. Only once does she directly reference the end, and it's in a negative way. She can't believe it's going to end that way. The rest of it is just her being annoyed at herself and dismissive about him. This is kind of typical: Dinah doesn't plan her escapes and moves: under Dixon, Simone, and especially Kevin Smith (the first issue of Quiver stands out to me) she's been impulsive and instinctive. So her thoughts about her mistake, his name, and the diversion about the Joker read just fine to me.
    I see nothing to diminish the badassery of catching an arrow midflight and using it as an impromptu weapon. It's the kind of thing I love from her. Although of course I love it when she doesn't even get into that situation.
    We'll see. I'll see. I'm suspending judgment, but I enjoyed this issue.

  14. Fine. That still doesn't excuse Dinah being depicted as criminally negligent with her powers.

  15. You were right, I was wrong. *weeps quietly.*

  16. *offers a hug*
    In this rare case, I take no pleasure in being right.