Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Fast Thoughts - The Week of 12/10/08

One bad thing about my new job - I have to close Wednesdays. I report into work just as my comic shop is opening. I get out an hour after the comic shop closes. And my comic shop - the closest one to my work place - is 20 miles away. And with traffic on the freeways being what it is in the middle of the day, it takes my entire lunch break - if I'm lucky - to get there and back to work.

So yeah... look for future installments of Fast Thoughts on Thursdays.

Still... today was worth going in for. I got the last two of Green Arrow/Black Canary #15 - one for me and one for my Canary loving girlfriend. And Final Crisis #5 is out. But they will each get their own separate, special reviews. For now... the rest of the comics!

AMBUSH BUG YEAR NONE #5 - It's Ambush Bug vs. Dan Didio. If you need any explanation past that, you're beyond redemption.

Well, okay. If you must have a list of random things...

* Dan Didio joins with The Source Wall.
* Dan Didio becomes a Monitor
* The evil Ambush Bug of Earth 3
* Ambush Bug on Earth Frank Miller (a.k.a. Earth Peach Schnapps)
* The fabled Blue Pencil of Schwartzamotto that grants the power to remake the face of a universe.
* Darkdidio.
* A list of the six things all cross-overs need which this one forgot until now.

No appearance by Major Spoiler, but I guess we can't have everything.

GREEN LANTERN CORPS #31 - And the winner for the creepiest comic all week is... THIS ONE! For the final panel I can't bring myself to scan, in which a pregnant Green Lantern is going into labor, all while being held hostage by the baby-napping Sinestro Corps member Kryb as well as four brain-washed Green Lanterns. Kryb loves babies, you see. Enough to kill parents to see their children properly raised.

And yeah - showing the same wisdom that has been the hallmark of their decisions lately, The Guardian solution to dealing with a serial killer who attacks married Green Lanterns and parents is... to outlaw Green Lanterns dating, marrying or loving one another.

Do they not get the Star Wars movies on Oa? You'd think Kyle would mention the Jedis and say "Bad idea." They'd listen to him! He's the torchbearer!

JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #27 - A lot of the Milestone Comics heroes return. And Dwayne McDuffie takes on the thankless task of trying to fix the female Dr. Light that Judd Winick F.U.B.A.R.ed. But for my money, the best part of the issue is THIS.

Yes. Dinah stands up to the Big 3. And it's magic - especially given her treatment lately in her own book.

SECRET SIX #4 - It's official. Paternal Bane officially creeps me out more than Ragdoll. The urge to steel an ice cream truck as a getaway vehicle from a crime scene and then gorge oneself in gravy and prostitutes in Vegas is far more natural and less damaging to my sense of sanity than Bane saying "Scandal, you are allowed ONE ice cream treat of your choice."

This is a good book, though I'm more interested in the various random criminals in Lady Vic's gang of hired killers. Indeed, I would like to see an entire issue devoted to the new female Crazy Quilt. Because that is how I roll.


  1. Dinah kicking ass, and sitting backwards on a chair ... that is the single hottest scene I've ever seen in a DC comic.
    I'm a monster who should pray for death ...

  2. Nah. The fact that you recognize it's wrong for you to appreciate the Ed Benes cheesecake artwork means you are worthy of redemption.
    Of course if loving hot blondes in fishnets is wrong, I don't wanna be right!

  3. Is Tim Kring like dating Mohinder's actor or something? I'm just trying to figure out HOW he keeps living.