Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thoughts On Final Crisis: Final Crisis #5

p. 1-6 - The Trial of Hal Jordan begins and ends with a good deal of efficiency. This scene is actually a microcosm of the Green Lantern books in general. Everyone is focused on Hal. Guy and Kyle do all the hard work. And John is absent, doing the most thankless work out of the four off-camera. So what have we learned kids?

* The Earthers are always right.
* The Guardians are arrogant, blue idiots.

p. 7 - Okay - so Checkmate (at least, the part Amanda Waller is running) wants The Next Question to join their team of non-super heroes.

p. 8-9 - And yeah. Darkseid broods as his followers kiss-up. And the Female Furies dressing, if you care about that.

p. 10 - JSA fighting the minions of Darkseid. I didn't know Tempest was still alive...

p. 11-13 - Hey! Mr. Miracle isn't dead. And apparently they painted their faces that way for a reason. Something to do with the circuit The Tattooed Man had last issue?

p. 14-15 - Kalibak the Tiger-Man and his folllowers.

p. 16-17 - And... there's the heroes. I recognize about half of them.

p. 18 - Hey! There's John Stewart!

p. 19 - And there's Crazy Mary Marvel. With Black Adam trying the lighting gambit to depower her.

p. 20-21 - And it doesn't work. And Freddy tries fighting her but doesn't do too good. And the tiger-men show up to help her as Tawny Tiger shows up to help Freddy.

p. 22-24 - Okay. The crazy artist kid is locked up with everyone else immune to Anti-Life and... one of his drawings is of the female Monitor. So I guess he was the exiled Monitor. And then some guy completes a Rubik's Cube in 17 moves and things get weird.

p. 25 - Hmmm. Calculator is about to get hung for treason just after someone messed around with a Rubik's Cube. That can't be a coincidence, that being his symbol and all. And yeah.... Lex is looking WAY too cowed. 10 To 1 Lex is responsible for the leak to the superhero resistance.

p. 26-27 - Darkseid rises as Kara figures something out... and then heat-waves the sides of Mary's head... did a Mr. Mind get inside her?

p. 28 - The Green Lantern cavalry are free-falling into the big black hole where Earth is and the art is all Black Hole Sun as they do so.

p. 29-32 - And... Darkseid is risen, half the world is under his control... and the Rubik's cube causes The Monitor kid to be reborn as "The Judge of All Evil".

Clear as mud?


  1. please god let it be Mr. Mind. I can handle Mr. Mind. ITS CLASSIC. besides I did it on the game once... but not whored up.

  2. Actually, she looks more emo than whorish at this point with a pink pig-tail skater cut... but yeah. Point taken.
    No comments on the GA/BC review? Or are you waiting until the red leaves your vision?