Friday, July 25, 2008

The Conan Fan In Me Is Pleased

This just came out of ComicCon, as did this news regarding the movie and various rumors that sprung up on the web over the last week.

* While he's stuck in a contract that won't allow him to officially direct the movie, Robert Rodriguez said that he's handing over the duties to one of his 2nd Unit men and will basically be co-directing the movie in all but name.

* Rose McGowan and Robert Rodriguez are still together and are still happy, despite rumors of a break-up shortly after the announcement she would be playing the role.

* There is no truth to the rumor that McGowan is out and Jessica Alba is in to play Sonja OR Barbarella in the remake of that comic movie Rodriguez is signed on to direct.

* The movie will reportedly stick closer to the Roy Thomas comics (no surprise, if he's still writing the script) and the movie will focus entirely on Sonja's origins.


  1. I like the poster. I'm just not sold on Rose. But I really couldn't think of anyone else that would be a perfect fit. So, I'll trust Robert on this one.

  2. Better poster than the blade licky one anyways...

  3. Wow. Almost makes me want to see it... though I have real robert rodriguez issues these days.. don't get me wrong love his movies.. I just have issues about him leaving his wife (his wife who tolerated his ridiculous baby names). But that's me.

  4. No joke. I thought that was a rejected poster from Eww Bowels Bloodrayne 3...

  5. I know. There's a serious lack of A-list redheads in the movie business today, much less redheads who can fight.

  6. I can respect that. But on the other hand, I think there must have been issues there before Rose came along. After all, if he had been waiting to make it big, become famous and then start trying to bag a starlet, he could have done it after Sin City came out. But he didn't. Wasn't until Grindhouse that he filed for divorce.
    I understand though. I used to have issue with Jim Carrey because I heard that he left his wife after he hit it big. Thing is - her behavior pretty much showed exactly why he left and the timing was such that he actually did it before he became insanely big. And near as I can figure, despite fighting her on just how big of an alimony payment she should get, he has been good to his kid from his first marriage and has been a great foster dad to Jenny McCarthy's son.
    So yeah - I usually don't let politics or personal habits get in the way of my movie watching habits. I disagree with most of Jerry Doyle's politics but I still think he's a kick ass actor and that Michael Garibaldi is one of the greatest characters in science fiction.

  7. While Jessica Alba would be awful as Red Sonja, her as Barbarella actually makes sense, if you ignore the facts that Alba can't act and that there's absoultely no reason on earth for a remake of Barbarella...the original was such an "of it's time" piece. Although I suppose awful acting would actually fit Barbarella.

  8. Alba as Barbarella actually would work, now that I think of it.
    Blonde bimbo who keeps winding almost but not quite naked?
    Thing is, I think modern audiences would demand a not-quite NC-17 Orgasmatron.