Thursday, July 24, 2008

The world is trying to annoy me today.

Shia LaBeouf is Y: The Last Man?

Why are they rewarding all the hack actors from Constantine with starring roles in comic book movies?

First Djimon Hounsou gets to play Thulsa Doom in a movie that has jack and squat to do with the original Robert Howard novels and is going the extra step of reinventing Thulsa Doom as a flawed anti-hero rather than an Evil with a capital E necromancer.

Doom was a King Kull enemy! And he was never a hero by any stretch of the imagination!

And now, Shia LeBeouf is going to mince his way through an adaptation of one of the best books to come out in the last decade.

Then, I hear about this.

MTV readies 'Rocky Horror' redux

*sighs* What's next? Judd Winick gets permission to write a Jack Knight series?


  1. Too late. I found out today that Tony Harris is doing a new book for Image... and Mark Millar is writing.
    *sighs* And they're doing an autograph session on a Tuesday at a local comic shop. Which means in order to get anything signed by my favorite artist, I'll have to deal with a bunch of people who actually enjoyed Civil War and Wanted...

  2. They have been bandying about for a long time now. I have been bitching about it since the first rumor. Every one tells me I am wrong and he is perfect.
    I would rather James Roday, Joseph Gorden Levitt, or Josh Radnor. I keep hearing they are too old, but I don't care, I want some one who can act, and while Radnor and Roday are kind of untested, they'd still be better than Shia.

  3. Yeah. I'm currently rereading the books I had read before (I had to stop collecting Y due to a budget crunch and just now got the TPs to finish the series this weekend) and I'm amazed how competent and clever Yorick is compared to what I remember of a hapless shlub who would be dead 10 times over if not for 355.
    Yes, he takes a lot of stupid chances, but he usually gets the job done. And some of the stuff that he does is downright brilliant (i.e. the levitation illusion to scare off the Amazons holding Scar-Faced Beth hostage). There is no way that Shia - who has made a career off playing the hapless, incompetent moron can possibly handle the depth of Yorick Brown.