Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Best News All Weekend...

No, not Shia LeBeouf getting arrested for drunk driving after suffering a head injury. This is even better.

SOURCE: Torchwood Star Barrowman Up for Captain America Role

Now for those of you who aren't Doctor Who fans, let me explain. John Barrowman is a very good actor who plays the character Captain Jack Harkness - a time-traveling con-man with a heart of gold. Barrowman has dual UK/US citizenship (born in Scotland, lived in the US during most of his childhood, went back to the UK as an adult) but you'd never know from his accent that he's not a life-long American. And coincidentally, when he first appeared on Doctor Who, it was in a story taking place during World War 2 and Captain Jack was masquerading as an American volunteer fighting Nazis during the Blitz. Captain Jack was so popular after his first appearance in the first series of the new Doctor Who, he was given a regular role in Torchwood - the first new Doctor Who spin-off.

So why do I mention all this? Well, I do think it's a rather inspired and perfect casting choice - Barrowman being a great leading-man figure and a fine action hero who has the right look for Steve Rogers. But I also think it's a very brave casting choice.

Why? Well, casting a semi-Brit to play Captain America is pretty brave. Casting an openly gay semi-Brit who is the poster-boy for the Equal Rights for Homosexuals movement in the UK as Captain America...

Either this is the ultimate in bravery or part of an organized plot to cause every right-wing radio host in America to spontaneously hemorrhage. Either way, I can get behind it.


  1. I know this won't click in the minds of people that will be offended at the suggestion of a gay (sorta-) Brit playing Captain America but seriously... it's acting. It's someone acting like Captain America. As long as they don't betray Cap's character for the actor, it really shouldn't matter who plays him.
    Granted, this won't stop me from making and/or enjoying Cap/Bucky jokes. But that's just because I'm a bastard.

  2. Meh, Brandon Routhe was rumored to be gay when he was first signed on for Superman. I don't know if it was ever confirmed, but I couldn't care less because that doesn't mean the role he's playing is gay. It's different than, say, Neil Patrick Harris playing a straight man or Gyllenhal or Ledger playing a gay role beacuse it's just a role.
    However, Barrowman as Cap? FUCKING SIGN THAT CONTRACT NOW, MAN!! I'm totally down for that.
    Though, to play Cap, he'd have to smile a lot less. That would be a great loss, but one I'm willing to forgive.

  3. Just from a looks standpoint he is the best choice I have seen.
    I think DiCaprio would make a great Winter Soldier myself.

  4. Also, redneck's head will explode to go along with the right wing Media. This casting can help end many of the country's ills.

  5. And I hadn't even considered the Cap/Bucky angle, I'm so sweet and innocent.
    Which is amazing considering that the first episode of Doctor Who he was in had a joke about Biggles/Algy... who are pretty much the British equivalent of Cap/Bucky.

  6. Just so you know, Routh's been married to a woman for about nine months. Granting that doesn't mean he can't be a closeted gay, I find it unlikely.
    And as you - and many others have said - it's acting. Barrowman is a great actor and I think he'd be an amazing Cap. I don't care a wit about Barrowman's sexuality except as an ironic counterpoint to what some people think "All-American" should mean.

  7. Yeah. Like I said above, I'm loving the irony.