Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Apparently, someone at DC is listening...

I know I'm not the first to have said it. I certainly wasn't the last to say it. But a whole lot of people have been saying - like when I wrote my Modest Proposal on How DC Comics could better appeal to young female readers - that a series centering around at least one of their many teen superheroines would be a very good thing.

Well, this isn't the revival of Amethyst that I predicted. It's even better.

Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the Eighth Grade to become part of DC's Children's Line.

Mangaesque Art! And she's wearing tights! And doesn't look like Paris Hilton!

They're finally learning, aren't they?


  1. Wow she looks awesome! :D
    I <3 the hair too :D And the tights! :]
    much <3333

  2. I agree
    This is very good news.
    I'm a big fan of Marvel's kids line and I generally like Johnny DC's line but think they tend to lag behind.
    A good Supergirl all-ages book is something that should have happened long ago.
    Although, admitidly, there's no way to tell if this will actually be good yet.

  3. That can't be supergirl!! Who'd want to read about a female superheroine who isn't OMG HOT??
    Seriously, though, that is a pretty adorable picture, and "Cosmic Adventures in the Eighth Grade" is a great title...

  4. I'm not much on Manga, but I'll buy an issue or two of this for my kids at the library just to give my store incentive to get more.

  5. I know, OMG! Where are the BEWBS!?!
    For the irony impaired, let the record show that the last sentence was a joke.

  6. Re: I agree
    Hope springs eternal, though. Even if this book doesn't take off, it shows that someone at DC is paying attention to the demands of the marketplace and the many, MANY complaints about the current Supergirl title.
    I agree about Marvel, but I think DC will get better now that they aren't limiting themselves to cartoon tie-ins for the most part.
    And on a personal note, and I think this got lost in a lot of the firestorm out of my last article - I don't think you intentionally meant to mislead people but you did write something that could be taken as being misleading. Big difference.
    Read a lot of your other writing and I liked what I read. I hope you can say the same since you're still here. :)

  7. I actually wrote a proposal for a new Amethyst series, but it was rejected. I suspect they have a goldmine there.

  8. progress
    They are probably saving their grand debut for a 3 part arc on super puberty.
    Really though, thats money in the bank for DC Animated. I'm pretty ok with kids NOT having to see overly sexualized minors in their cartoons. That's what actual comic books are for ;)