Thursday, April 24, 2008

Fast Thoughts - The Week of 04/23/08

This week: truly fast reviews limited to two sentences each.

BIRDS OF PREY #117 - It's official: DARK VENGEANCE! is the new LEROY JENKINS! And if you don't love Misfit after this issue, I don't know what's wrong with you.

FABLES #72 - One reason they forgot to mention that Cinderella is the greatest secret agent of all-time; nobody had any idea she was a secret agent until recently and even when they found out they refused to believe it. This continues to be the best book on the market, bar none.

JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #20 - This is what I was expecting when I first heard Dwayne McDuffie was taking over this book - simple, old school tales of superheroics. As it is, this is the best story done with The Flash in recent memory.

SHEENA: TRAIL OF THE MAPINGUARI - Great one-shot, which, in a weird way, manages to set up the concept of the new Sheena character better than the five issues of the monthly series did. If it weren't for the gratuitous thong shots toward the end (which are doubly confusing as we see Sheena has a more full costume bottom before then) this would be a perfect 10.

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