Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Fast Thoughts For 01/16/07

BIRDS OF PREY #114- Sean McKeever does what I'm told he does best - gets in the head of a teenage hero (ala Oracle's new unwanted sidekick Misfit) and pushes the humor. While I'm still not too crazy about his portrayal of Superman last issue, I'm willing to forgive it for two reasons. First, he's doing something with Lady Blackhawk besides making her the sassy - but amusing - pilot. Second, because he DID get me to laugh with the gag about Lady Blackhawk's inability to get booze or an AARP discount without using a fake ID.

GREEN LANTERN CORPS #20- This one just made my pull list with this issue, and not just because we get to see Guy Gardner discussing the realities of a distance relationship with a cynical Kyle Rayner.

One can't fault Kyle for being skeptical about a distance relationship working. After all, he tried it with Jade and that ended with her cheating on him. But at the same time, I can't fault Guy ... who may or may not be telling the whole truth about where things stand with him and Ice ... for his feelings that time and distance are just obstacles to be dealt with. Mind you, I do say this as a man who has been in a distance relationship for nearly four years and a million miles... but I just love how it is Guy - the eternal skeptic and thug - who is pleading for romance and Kyle - the sensitive artist - who insists that either you are together or you aren't.

And, oh yeah, there's some stuff about Mongul getting a Sinestro ring and Guy trying to open a bar on the planet Oa that is cool too.

JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #17- Okay. I realize that this is one of the big DC Flagship books. And I know it probably isn't possible to divorce it completely from crossovers right now.

That being said - do we really need another tie-in issue to the lackluster Salvation Run?

I'm also getting sick of these split-issues with two stories. And Vixen's wonky powers are of interest to me only in so far as I want to see how McDuffie will explain away the reality-shattering errors Meltzer made regarding how her powers worked during his one year on JLA. Still, the writing is not all that bad... for all I wish this book would stand on its' own.


  1. I wish I could mock people for continuing to buy bad books based on past love for them. Except this week I once again bought New Warriors. Which is an extraordinarily shitty book...
    I can't help it. Fabian Nieceza's NW was probably my favorite 90s Marvel book. And Beak and Angel 2 were the only two characters I actually found interesting from Morrison's X-Men run. Oh why couldn't they have put Fraction or Slot on this book?

  2. Which bad book are you refraining from mocking me for buying?

  3. JLA mostly. Which isn't TERRIBLE. But its definitely skirting the edges of barely adequete and suck...

  4. I blame the contamination from Judd Winick's Green Arrow stories upstream...