Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ordinary Men and Women Across The Globe...

SOURCE:Inspired by comic books, ordinary citizens are putting on masks to fight crime.

So am I alone in suddenly thinking I should hit the gym and contact a charitable organization about getting a sanction?


  1. Holy crap. I had no idea. You know, I remember in high school semi seriously discussing such things with my friends, except we were gonna run around and bust up drug houses around Alvarado. Figured they'd have plenty of ill-gotten gains to fund what we were doing. We also figured maybe if all got Bounty Hunting and Private Detective licences we could maybe legally get away with it. In the end, the idea was droppped, as no one could think of what we would tell our parents if we got arrested or shot or killed.
    But damn... this does put a new spin on it. Is DFW ready for this kinda thing though?
    Tell ya what.... if I ever win the lottery, I'll build us a Hall of Justice.

  2. There's plenty of gun-totting wannabe vigilantes out there in Texas already. And I'm not even counting the minute-men on the border.