Thursday, May 17, 2007

In which I slay a troll...

Mari hardly needs my protection but I cannot abide people who continue to miss the point after having it explained to them three times - Once by Mari, twice by me.

I know I shouldn't feed the trolls - battle not with monsters and all that - but there's something in my character that cannot abide people who display a wilful and rabid refusal to use their brains.

It's the librarian in me.


  1. Morrison,
    You didn't slay shit.
    And you don't look like Starman.
    You're such a tool.

  2. Kurtz,
    My nickname actually comes from my resembling Jack Knight in personality, not looks. Something you might actually know if you read my work and all the columns where I answered questions about where the nickname came from.
    I may be a tool but at least I'm not a "professional" artist who apparently has enough free time in the day and in the inclination to stalk my critics.
    So have you vandalized any Wikipedia pages lately?

  3. See, here's how it works.
    When you go pro, then cartooning is all you have to do all day and you plan out your own schedule. So you can work in time to take shots at trogladytes such as yourself.
    You are FAR from my critic, Matt. I have yet to see any decent criticism from you. You should reveiw the works of actual critics and take notes.
    I didn't vandalize your wikipedia page, Just tried to correct some innacuracies about your history with my comic strip.

  4. Scott,
    You do realize that you've just admitted to the general public that you are so petty, so spiteful and so utterly pathetic that you have nothing better to do with your free time than attempt to pick fights with people who criticize you?
    I honestly didn't think you were that stupid.
    Honestly, I still don't think you're that stupid. Because your die-hard fans won't care.
    Seriously, I could post the screen-captures of the wikipedia editing records that show what “toonhound” did and it wouldn’t matter. Heck, I could get pictures of you eating a live kitten and they still wouldn't care. They’d defend you to the death and say that it was just a joke and we didn’t appreciate good humor.
    That’s fine. I don’t write for your fans. I write for the thinking comics readers. And everyone who will read this blog, see this post and realize that every single critic who ever said “Scott Kurtz cannot take criticism” was 100% right.

  5. You act as if posting retorts to your drivel is a time consuming endeavor. It's not. I can multi-task.
    You don't write for my readers? Dude, you don't write for YOUR readers.
    Please do post the wikipedia editing records. I would love to read that shit.
    total time to write this: 37 seconds.

  6. All the screen-captures in the world won't make you feel shame and they won't wake any of your sycophants up. I hardly need to dirty my hands dealing with you anymore. You confessed to the crime and have made an ass of yourself dealing with a person whose opinions you have repeatedly claimed are worthless.
    At any rate, I am done with you. Forever. I have too little time to deal with writers and artists and comics I actually like to waste my time teaching the pig to juggle.
    I'm freezing this thread. I'm closing the bar. You can go whore for attention somewhere else.
    In the words of Willy Wonka, "You get nothing! You lose! Good day sir!"

  7. You sad sad little man. Your webcomic gets read all over the world and is for some reason popular. But you aparently have nothing better to do than to pick on a "semi" small time critic. I have gotten to see some other web-comic artist and the way they deal with critics. THEY INGORE IT and so should you. Do the web-comic because you enjoy it. If people make a bad comment about who give's a rip.
    Nothing against the Starman. I enjoy reading the blog a lot man.

  8. For What It's Worth
    I'm not taking sides on this one, but if both of you are professionals, as each of you has stated repeatedly, you need to reflect this in your writing and your critiques.
    It doesn't matter if you can't stand one another, you're both in the same field...whether you like it or not.
    If this keeps up, you BOTH stand to lose support. Either co-exist or ignore each other completely, because this isn't the first time this kind of slugfest has popped up between you two.
    Put the Ego on the shelf boys, because it makes the two of you look bad, period.

  9. Making trolls on the Internet see reason is like teaching pigs to juggle.
    It rarely works, annoys the pig and gets you dirty no matter what you do. And yet, my righteous sense of anger regarding willful stupidity makes me do it anyway.
    I wish I could deaden my sense of honor sometimes.

  10. Awesome...very very very well put. *applauds*

  11. Jeff Daniels? Starry, it was Jeff Bridges, not the guy from Dumb and Dumber.
    Jarvis... Well, I think he was a robot because Michael Cain was taken.

  12. A shame too. I'm glad to see the character back after they made Devin Grayson kill him off. Then again, according to Wikipedia, that lead to one of my favorite characters being used in one of my favorite stories instead of him. Trickster vs. Catwoman. :)