Friday, May 18, 2007

Does this look like it means what I think it means?

Apparently the Kurtz of Kurtzness + 20 really WAS posting on Marionette's blog.

And what is more, if you check one post back, he's apparently posting here now as well.

I had actually started this post BEFORE I got the message about the message he left for me. But I see no need not to ask this question here, especially since we may be able to get a straight answer from Mr. Kurtz himself.

I quote from Mari's blog

I found your blog post via Journalista and got interested in the comments because, frankly, Matt Morrison is posting in here. He really makes me chuckle. So, let me address a couple issues directly and see if maybe I can't help you understand where I'm coming from.

So, apparently the Kurtz of Kurtzness freely confesses to having nothing better to do than Google my name and see where I'm posting?

EDIT: Actually, from the proceding post it appears he has truly DOES have nothing better to do today than argue with me. Thankfully, I have a full weekend planned and will be nowhere near the computer until Monday night. See ya all later!

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