Thursday, May 17, 2007

Fast Thoughts - The Week of 5/16/07

Yes, I know the column came out before the Fast Thoughts this week.

Ironic, no?

Well, between two job-interviews keeping me from being able to write and barely having time to get to the comic shop on Wednesday before work, you're all lucky to be getting this before the weekend.

ALL-STAR BATMAN AND ROBIN #5 - Has it truly been over a year since we last had an issue of this book? It hasn't been long enough.

Honestly, I'd like to believe the theory that Frank Miller is attempting self-parody and that this whole series has been one big in-joke that him and Jim Lee have planned. I find this preferable to the idea that Frank has either stopped giving a damn about his craft or has descended into some form of dementia.

That being said... I wouldn't mind seeing him write a Plastic Man series. His take on Plastic Man here is actually very good. That's the only character he manages to capture though and I can only assume the reason that the whole of the Feminist Blogosphere isn't attacking this book en mass is because they've decided it's far too easy a target.

CONAN #40 - A semi-sequel to the original Robert Howard story The Scarlet Citadel, this tale centers upon two evil wizards who plagued Conan joining forces to deal with Cimmeria's favorite son in this flash-forward tale to Conan's days as King of Aquilonia. A top notch issue with a funny (yes, funny) ending, though these constant one-off issues are breaking up the flow of the on-going story of Conan moving towards his eventual destiny of kingship. Still, with a story like this it is not nearly as annoying as it has been in past months. On the bright-side, the long-awaited (by me at least) adaptation of Rogues In The House begins next month.

COUNTDOWN #50 - A bit duller than last week, but I seemed to enjoy this issue a little more than most of my colleagues thus far. What can I say? I'm a sucker for a good Rogues scene. Though I must admit I am curious just how Jimmy Olsen knows who Dick Grayson and Jason Todd are... did Superman tell him? And if he'll let Jimmy know that, why doesn't Clark trust him with his identity?

FABLES #61 - It's still the best damn book to come out every month.

FLASH THE FASTEST MAN ALIVE #12 - A bit trippy reading this AFTER Countdown, where Trickster and Piper are being asked to prove themselves to rejoin The Rogues when here they are, thick as thieves (pun very much intended), helping Inertia and the rest of the Rogues with their wicked, wicked plan. Still, it's nice to see this book finally going somewhere after running in place for the first six issues. And I loved the scene with Kadabra/Inertia scene where both characters - both arrogant sons of witches - bounce insult after insult off of one another.

JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #9 - Is it just me or is Ed Benes' work becoming more and more Liefeldesque? Maybe it's just the inking and coloring. Still, it's nice to know where Hawkman has been the last year (rebuilding Thanagar in the wake of the Rann/Thanagar War) though I am still deeply disturbed by the revelation of a Carter/Power Girl romance.

Not that there's wrong with the idea, save that Carter is the ultimate he-man macho type and I can't see someone as willful as Kara falling for someone like that. Then again, opposites DO attract...

The Roy/Hawkgirl romance still seems forced, though...

RED SONJA #22 - I am officially bored with this storyline. How bored? Not even zombie pirates can make me care about Sonja's sidekicks or this other female pirate who, after months, STILL has nothing to do with the main story. Honestly, they need to cut bait and soon and get Sonja back on the road to adventure by her lonesome, as it was meant to be!

SUPERGIRL #17 - Okay. My mind has been completely blown in a good way by the last page. And hey, let's give it up for the art team for drawing teenage girls that actually look like fit teenage girls.

ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #109 - Such a joy to see Kingpin being written as Kingpin should be.

ULTIMATES #13 (VOL. 2) - This book and All-Star Batman come out the same day.

Don't tell me that's a coincidence.

It's Ultimates. It continues to be Ultimates. Either you like the mindless action-flick on paper or you don't. And I don’t. I can't help but wonder why nobody seems to do anything about Hawkeye killing a woman in her hospital bed, even if she IS a traitor to her team and adopted nation. And what's up with the flashback ending showing Steve Rogers with his girlfriend before the war?


  1. There was a good scene with the Rogues? Was it when Heatwave (former Federal agent) was doing lines of coke? Or was that last issue? I haven't paid enough attention to tell. And why does he get a free pass for going "good guy" and Trickster doesn't?

  2. Honestly, Heatwave has been back and forth over the line so many times, it's become a joke.
    He tried reforming to become a fire-fighting expert WAY back in the Barry Allen days.
    He was inspired to become a monk in the Rogues New Years Evil one-shot just after Underworld Unleashed.
    He became a guard for Project CADMUS.
    And then he was working as a federal agent under James Jesse's command.
    The way I figured it is that while Heatwave did try reforming (as most of the Rogues, even Cold, have) he never really palled-around with "The Flash" like Trickster and Piper. Especially Piper. They can forgive straying from the path a bit but not sleeping with the enemy, so to speak.
    Besides, per Johns' work with Heatwave and his Pyromania, Rory's portayal has become a bit more unstable and a lot more menacing. Which, I think, gives him more credibility among the more sinister Rogues than the guy who plays with toys and the guy who talks to rats...

  3. I bow to your superior Rogues knowledge. Still maybe Mirror Master shouldn't be so high and mighty. I mean he once took a bribe from Batman. Ok, it was to betray the Injustice Gang and not any other Rogues, but still...