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Superman and Lois: Season 1, Episode 12 - Through The Valley Of Death

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With Clark having fallen under Morgan Edge's control, Lois turns to John Henry Irons for help, only for the two to start butting heads on how to handle the problem. Thankfully, an old friend is there to help, as Jonathan pushes Jordan to practice using his powers so they can find their father.


Every story dealing with a corrupted Superman and the Iron Man movies (John Henry Irons' HUD display scenes.)


John Diggle is said to have delivered some specialized ammunition from ARGUS for John Henry Iron's rocket, based on Lyla's orders. However, Lyla Michaels was promoted in the Series Finale of Arrow. While it is possible she is still overseeing ARGUS, the whole thing is a little confusing.


David Ramsey is a delight as Diggle, though his appearance is largely pointless.


The effects work for the Steel/Superman fight is fantastic.

Super Trivia

In this episode, the Eradicator is used to try and imprint General Zod's mind into Clark's body. Clark was said to have fought General Zod and killed him in the reality of Earth-38, Pre-Crisis on Supergirl. It is unclear if this event still occurred on Earth-Prime Post-Crisis.


Clark can hear fluctuations in the collective sonic frequency with his super hearing, but it took him years of practice to narrow his focus to look for specific things.

Project Icarus was a project created by John Henry Irons and Lex Luthor which led to the creation of a rocket-powered projectile using red solar energy technology. In theory, it could depower a Kryptonian long enough to kill them. Unfortunately, Irons can't confirm that it works as the one time he tried using it was just before he was transported to Eartrh-Prime.

Dialogue Triumphs

John Henry Irons: Clark Kent is Superman? And your boys?
Lois: They didn’t know who he really was until this year. It’s part of why we moved here. I needed you to know the truth about why Superman is different here. He has a family to fight for, which means he won’t give up, and neither can we.
John Henry Irons: Lois, this doesn’t change anything.
Lois: How can you say that? He loves his sons. He loves me. That matters.
John Henry Irons: What about all the other sons, the other wives, that will be killed when he attacks?
Lois: He won’t attack. He won’t give up, which means he can be saved.
John Henry Irons: Lois, he wanted you to call me because he knew what I would do. He knows, worst-case scenario, if it comes to that, that you won’t hesitate.
Lois: Fine. I need you to believe the possibility that there’s hope.
John Henry Irons: If that’s what you need, then you called the wrong guy.
Lois: John.
John Henry Irons: No, Lois. Everything you are saying is just getting in the way of what needs to be done. But you were right about one thing, Lois. I will not hesitate. I saw you die. I lost Natalie. Millions of people, gone. I won’t let that happen again. I have a responsibility to do the right thing.
Lois: And I am telling you that killing Superman is not the right thing. John, please, I’m begging you, don’t do this.
John Henry Irons: I’m sorry, Lois. 

General Lane: I know this isn’t what you expected, but Lyla wouldn’t have helped otherwise.
John Diggle: Yeah, and I wouldn’t have come.
General Lane: That, too.
John Diggle: Doppelgangers, other worlds, glowing boxes, losing the people I love, I’m done with that life.
General Lane: Knowing your past, I don’t blame you. Unfortunately, we don’t have the luxury of letting this one just play itself out.
John Diggle: Come on, he’s Superman. I’ve fought beside him. He’s the best we have. Oliver would’ve said that. Hell, they have would have.
General Lane: This is not an easy decision for me to make.
John Diggle: What? Exhausting every option to save the life of an ally? A hero? That should be an easy one.

Jonathan: Do you know who I am?
John Henry Irons: I have a pretty good idea.
Jonathan: My name’s Jonathan. Jonathan Kent. When you were at the DOD, your RV was parked at our farm. I saw a lot of videos about you there. I saw what happened to my mom. I saw who my dad was. I saw a lot about you too. I saw about your daughter, Natalie. You seemed like a really good dad. But I just want you to know… This guy you’re about to kill… He’s a really good dad, too.
John Henry Irons: I wish there was another way, son. 
Jonathan: There’s always another way. 


As the episode is open, John Henry Irons is in Metropolis, parked on the campus of MIT (Metropolis Institute of Technology) working up the courage to approach his younger sister on this world.

The AI in John's RV still refuses to just call him John.

John takes Lois' phone call from the end of last episode and learns about Superman being turned.

Morgan Edge tells Clark that his plan is to turn his body into the host for the will of the Kryptonian General Zod, who was an ally of his father.

General Lane is confirmed to not know where the Fortress of Solitude is.

Kyle Cushing is undergoing regular mandatory military check-ins with medical check-ups to make sure he is still free of Kryptonian influence. 

The number of the Cushing house is 4526.

One of the other fire-fighters, Tamera, tells Kyle that he should take a few more days off instead of coming into work because people are still angry at him for pushing Morgan Edge as the solution to the town's problems.

Jonathan suggests Jordan try and use his super-hearing to find Clark.

Lois wants to come up with a rescue plan to save Clark, but John Henry Irons wants to put him down.

John Henry Irons says that it took Superman 7 minutes to destroy Metropolis on his world.

General Lane is calling in all of his Project 7734 weapons as a precaution if Superman is taken over by an evil Kryptonian, but he isn't telling Lois about that.

John Henry Irons says he has a weapon that might be more effective than Kryptonite - a red solar missile.

Jordan is able to hear people as far as Australia or New Zeland, but he can't differentiate the accents.

John Henry Irons tried to use his red solar missile on Superman after luring him out into space, but he was transporting into Earth-Prime before he could confirm it worked.

Lana and Kyle have a tense confrontation with Emily Phan, who blames Lana for what happened to her and tells her not to talk to her anymore.

Lois meets with Lana and Kyle and says she'll do what she can to try and make it clear they aren't the villains in all this.

Lois asks Kyle for details on the possession process.

Kyle says that he started losing himself and couldn't remember things, like his family, and it hurt to resist but he did find a way to fight back against the process even as he had a feeling that his family would be better off if he quit fighting. This suggests the conversion process can be resisted.

Clark tries to make a run for it in Edge's fortress, and calls Jordan's name while he is outside.

Edge figures out what Clark did and tells Jordan that if anyone comes for his father, he won't be the man they find waiting.

John Diggle from ARGUS delivers the ammunition for John Henry Irons' red solar rocket. However, he is not happy when he learns what the ammo is for and says neither he nor his wife would have agreed to help General Lane if they'd known they were being asked to help build an anti-Superman weapon.

John Diggle and Lois Lane know each other. This is the first time they've seen each other since Lois and Clark moved to Smallville.

Lois is not happy when she learns why John Diggle is in Smallville.

Lois tells her father about what Kyle Cushing said about it being possible to fight the Eradicator control.

John Henry Irons tells John Diggle he is from another Earth.

Jordan and Jonathan tell General Lane that they think they know roughly where Clark is.  They also mention the threat against trying to find Clark.

Someone attacked the Cushing home while they were in town, breaking windows and spray-painting GET OUT OF SMALLVILLE on the front of their home.

Lois takes John Henry Irons aside and tells her why she is so sure that this world's Superman can't be corrupted - because he is her husband and the father of her sons.

John Diggle makes reference to the glowing box he discovered in the Arrow finale, but does not explain what it was.

The Cushing family clean the paint off their windows together.

Jonathan Kent goes to John Henry Irons and tells him about how he saw the videos and photos of his family in 108. He says Irons seems like a good dad, but tells him that his dad is a good dad too.

John Henry Irons and a Zod Possessed Superman fight.

John Henry Irons tries to break through to Superman and tells him Lois and his sons still believe in him.

Clark is able to shake off Zod's control.

John Henry Irons uses the red solar rocket to neutralize Edge.

Edge is imprisoned in a state of the art facility.

Lois invites John Henry Irons to dinner at the Kent house, but he says he has to finish debriefing with her father and he thinks they need some family time.

Sophie Cushing returns home from wherever she was staying.

Sophie has no idea what has been going on in Smallville.

Leslie Larr is said to still be on the run, but the DoD is looking for her.

In his cell, Edge is hearing a voice telling him to complete what he was sent to Earth to do.


Tal-Rho's Fortress of Solitude, located in The Badlands

The Bottom Line

Probably the weakest episode of the series so far, but that's largely because so little happens in it. Even the Diggle cameo is largely pointless. Still, there's enough good dramatic moments to make it worthwhile. 

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