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Legends of Tomorrow: Season 6, Episode 7 - Back to the Finale: Part II

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Faced with the prospect of Sara's death, The Legends (minus Ava) decide to risk a trip back to the night of her abduction, to prevent her from ever being kidnapped in the first place, despite the potential damage to the timeline. This leaves Spooner wondering what her life would be like had she never joined the team. Meanwhile, Sara, Mick and Gary join forces to take down Bishop once and for all.


Back To The Future II
(referenced by title, and in the episode, which is centered around time travelers trying to avert a bad alternate future while avoiding their past selves) and Escape From New York (the alternate future Nate is clearly based on Snake Plissken.)


Shouldn't the toilet paper disappear along with Future Nate?


It's great to see Caity Lotz and Lisseth Chavez play off each other and give Spooner and Sara a chance to bond.

Dominic Purcell delivers a fantastic but brief monologue as Mick convinces Sara that she's still her, even in a modified body.


The script does a good job of meshing itself with all the other Season 6 stories and bringing everything together at the end.


According to Bishop, there is no antidote for a Zaguron sting.

The liquid Bishop gave Sara before her death in 605 is revealed to be a primer to prepare the nanobots to rebuild her body.

Merging human and alien DNA requires tremendous mental fortitude.

Bishop's cloning technology is run through a cloud server and utilizes technology very much like a 3-D printer to create bodies. It takes roughly 10 minutes to create each clone body.

Bishop created the clone Sara's body by merging her with an unidentified alien species with regeneration powers. 

In working out his exploding mannequin plan, Behrad has Gideon reverse model on the pods' disbursement, and, accounting for temporal drift, in hours and minutes, timing the explosion so the ship will be in the exact location it was when Sara sent aliens into the timeline. This will lead to the aliens being scattered and Sara being saved, but the Legends still having a reason to recruit Spooner.

Dialogue Triumphs

(Nate is checking on a clearly depressed Ava.)
Nate: Okay, well, if you need anything...I guess you're gonna ask Gideon, but I'm here for you, too. We all are.
Ava: Thanks. How's everybody else doing?
Nate: They're grieving in their own way. 
(Cut to John and Spooner, getting drunk.)

(Mick and Kayla lean back against the wall of the pod, having just finished having sex. Both look disturbed yet happy.)
That was great. Except for the ear thing. 

(Mick is surrounded by Ava Clone Soldiers.)
 I really hate clones.
Ava Soldier: Yeah, we don't care much for you either. 

(Gary and Mick find Sara.)
We got to go!
Sara: I can't until I stop Bishop. He's got this crazy intergalactic plan to try to clone me.
Gary: A planet of clone Avas and Saras? Are we sure we want to stop that?

(Past Sara and Spooner bond over a drink.)
Twenty years ago, I was abducted by aliens. Now, they did something to me, and ever since, I feel things, hear voices from aliens, and it's freaking me out. What if there's something inside me that I can't control, and the people I live with... They're gonna think I'm some kind of monster. And now you think I'm crazy.
Past Sara: No, crazy is the word people use when they're afraid of what you're capable of. I'm not afraid. I am intrigued.
Spooner: Wow. You really are cool.
Past Sara: Look, it sounds like you're on the beginning of an amazing journey, and if I could give you one piece of advice, from experience, don't go at it alone.
Spooner: And what if I hurt them?
Past Sara: What if they help you?
Spooner: Well, what if I can't live up to their expectations?
Past Sara: Yeah, I feel you on that one. I was supposed to propose to my girlfriend tonight, and then I realized that she's probably gonna say yes.
Spooner: That's great, right?
Past Sara: Oh, I don't know. I've been so many different people in my life, and I am worried that this version of me might just be a phase, and I would get a lifetime of the woman I love, but I can't promise she'd get the same in return.
Spooner: Look, I just met you, and I certainly don't know your girlfriend, but my gut tells me that she can handle change. Hell, might even be good for her.
Past Sara: And what if I hurt her?
Spooner: What if you help her? 

(Mick sees the new clone Sara "printing.")
What is that?
Sara: It's me.
Mick: What?
Sara: I died.
Mick: Again?
Sara: Yeah, but this time, I didn't make it back.
Mick: So who am I talking to?
Sara: A monster! Which is why you need to make sure that you take this version of me home with you. All right? This body, it's not me.
Nurse Ava: One minute until Bishop's upload is complete.
Mick: Then blow it!
Sara: No, don't! Don't. Look, I can't go back to the team half-alien. What if I hurt you guys? What if I hurt Ava?
Mick: Listen, that creep can't get away with it!
Sara: That creep changed me, Rory! Look, I don't even know what I am anymore. All right? You cannot see it, but I'm damaged.
Mick: Damaged? No. I see someone who's been through hell but never stopped being herself. I see Captain Lance. I see Sara, my oldest friend. We need you. Please.
Sara: Let's get the hell out of here.
(Mick grunts approvingly.)

Astra: Are you okay?
Behrad: It's my fault. I got Sara abducted. If I never tried to warn her, she just would've kept walking, just never would've been sucked up into space.
Astra: I'm pretty sure they would've gotten her elsewhere, but all right. You convinced me. It's all your fault.
Behrad: You have an unorthodox comforting style.
Astra: Yeah, we don't really do a lot of comforting where I grew up. Look, if you hadn't tried to save her, you would've spent the rest of your life wondering, "What if I had?" I should know.
Behrad: You still miss her? Your mom?
Astra: Every day, but losing her brought me here, and that's not all bad. 

(Gary starts to walk toward Ava and Sara's room.)
Ava will want to know I'm okay, too.
Mick (grabbing Gary and dragging him down the hall) No, she won't. 

John: You know, tonight got me thinking. What if I don't get my magic back?
Zari: Okay.
John: Then I still got you.
Zari: You do, but I know you're gonna try.
John: I'll turn hell upside down, love.
Zari: Well, it's going to come in handy having a superhero girlfriend then.
John: (smiling softly) Yeah.

Sara: (To Ava) When I was up there in space, floating further and further away, I realized something. No matter where I go or when I am, I will never be lost because I have you. You are my North Star. You are my guiding light, and wherever you lead me, that's my home. 


As the episode opens, Ava is repeatedly watching the video of Sara which David Bowie filmed in 601.

John and Spooner are drinking Mezcal together, with Astra and Zari watching.

Nate notes that Ava's favorite meal is a certain kind of quiche, which Gideon made and she ignored.

Behrad hasn't left the lab since the news of Sara's death, taking it almost as hard as Ava.

Nate declares himself the "reluctant default interim Captain" in Ava and Sara's joint absence. Zari follows his example, declaring them both "reluctant default interim co-captains"

John compares Mick Rory to a cockroach, saying he can survive anything.

Kayla says she intends to leave as soon as possible, but agrees to give Mick until the third moon sets to save Sara.

Bishop learned about Sara Lance from the romance novels Mick Rory wrote as Rebecca Silver. Apparently he based several of his heroines on Sara and that fact became public knowledge in the future.

Bishop plans to mass produce a line of Sara Lance/alien hybrids and colonize the galaxy with them.

Bishop takes Sara's engagement ring for Ava and has his Avas take her to be incinerated, saying he will remake her but hopefully more agreeable... eventually.

Mick is captured by a squad of Ava Soldiers that are working with Gary.

Nate and Zari enter the lab and find that Behrad has been listening to his thinking music and smoking his thinking weed. They also discover a blackboard covered with notes and the final one circled "Back To The Future: Part II."

Gideon confirms that Behrad is not on the ship.

All of the Legends, except Ava, follow Behrad through a Time Corridor, back to the events of 515. They agree to help him avert Sara's kidnapping.

The club Charlie and The Smell were playing at was called The Hole.

Astra notes they can't pull the fire alarm at The Hole because they didn't have fire alarms.

The only other buildings near The Hole are all all-night curry shop and a fireworks factory.

Spooner points out that if they completely avert Sara being kidnapped, she'll never have joined the Legends.

Spooner refers to the events of the last two episodes, being attacked by an alien Amelia Earhart (606) and being turned into a fork (605).

Behrad plans to approach Sara while his past self is taking a smoke break: something he does every night at midnight and did that night while standing on the roof of the club.

Behrad briefly ponders telling Sara that her sister and dad called, but can't remember if they're still alive in this timeline - a nod to Laurel Lance (she isn't alive, but her doppelganger is) and Quentin Lance (who is alive now, as of A810.)

Past Sara shows Behard the ring she's going to use to propose to Ava, which she got from her mom.

Past Ava notices that Behrad has his hair streaked differently than he did originally that night.

John and Zari reveal that they vanished from the celebration for a time to "get friendly" but they disagree on how much time they were gone. John says 20 minutes at first and Zari says 8. He then goes down to 15 and she says it was 8.

John and Zari run into Past Ava trying to get to Sara. Zari lies and says they needed to find Sara because Sara borrowed her make-up and now John needs it.

John and Zari find Past Sara throwing up in the bathroom, having had a touch of nerves about proposing. When they reveal they know about her planning to propose, Sara assumes Behrad told them.

John encourages Sara to go and propose to Ava right now, saying that he loves love. This confuses Sara, as John has never been a romantic and she thinks it is Charlie shapeshifted into John, messing with her.

Zari figures out that something is up since John agreed to this crazy plan rather than tryin magic. This leads her to conclude that John lost his power and that Astra was covering for him.

Zari gets John to promise to stop lying to her.

Past Ava sees Past John and Past Zari sneaking out of a room in the club, having just seen them in the bathrooms and realizes they must be from the future.

Past Ava confronts the Future Legends, tells them to stop whatever they are doing, and then goes to get so drunk she won't remember seeing them. This explains Ava's uncharacteristic hangover in 601.

Sara discovers that her new clone body has regeneration powers.

Sara injects Bishop with a sedative so he won't automatically go into a clone body when he dies.

Behrad suggests dressing a mannequin like Sara and filling it with fireworks so that it explodes the alien ship when it gets abducted. While the Legends dismiss this plan as stupid, Behrad actually had Gideon do the math to make it work.

Sara asks the Nurse Ava to make a clean, completely human clone of her.

Spooner goes into The Hole and winds up talking to Sara about her being abducted by aliens and her fears about letting her new friends down. 

Sara, in turn, vents to Spooner about being nervous over proposing to her girlfriend.

Sara runs into David Bowie, making the video about proposing to Ava, after leaving Spooner.

Zari styles the wig of Behrad's mannequin. 

Nate runs into the bathroom after eating too much mushroom curry.

After Nate leaves, a future version of Nate who has a deeper voice, a meaner attitude and an eyepatch enters the curry restaurant. He has a roll of toilet paper, which he says his past self will need. Nate is also wearing John Constantine's coat.

Future Nate claims that Behrad's plan caused all the aliens to crash in the Gilded Age and they took over Wall Street, after Gary and his alien friends made a U-Turn and kidnapped Sara anyway after they realized they had a mannequin. 

Future Nate also claims that John was poisoned by a Calavax in the trading pit.

According to Future Nate, he just got back from impersonating John at a magical cult meeting to stop an alien invasion.

Future Nate disappears after Behrad leaves to directly confront Sara.

Behrad distracts Past Sara, leading to her falling behind the rest of the group and nobody noticing her being abducted.

Present Sara suddenly has memories of Behrad trying to save her and figures out the Legends are trying to change the past to save her.

Bishop tricks Mick into killing him, allowing his mind back-up to go into the cloud, where he can pring himself a new body anywhere in the universe in 4 minutes. At that time, Sara has roughly 10 minutes left to complete the new pure human clone of herself.

Mick convinces Sara that it doesn't matter what body she's in.

The Ava Clones elect to stay behind.

Kayla saves Mick, Gary and Sara from a horde of Zagurons, having gotten the ship started so she could attack them from the air once the shield dropped.

Kayla is left behind, though Mick wants to go back for her after she fights the Zagurons to let the rest escape.

Astra comforts Behrad after Sara is abducted.

The team start drinking in the curry shop to celebrate Sara's life.

The movie file of Sara talking about proposing become corrupted as Ava is watching it.

Sara figures out where the rest of the team is. Ava, Mick, Sara and Gary join the wake, which becomes a party.

Gary is forgiven for abducting Sara for his role in saving her.

John affirms his lover for Zari but says he's still going to try and get his magic back.

Sara proposes to Ava, as Behrad's mannequin explodes and sets off a massive fireworks show.

Ava accepts the proposal.


Bishop's Private Planet - Time Unknown
London, England - 1977

Untelevised Adventures

A future version of Nate describes an alternate timeline where aliens took over Wall Street during the Gilded Age.

The Bottom Line

A fun, heart-warming episode that brings the Sara in Space saga to a fitting end.

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