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Black Lightning Episode Guide: Season 4, Episode 4 - The Book of Reconstruction: Chapter Four: A Light In The Darkness

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Angrier than ever, Jefferson turns to Lala's fight club to work out his issues in the wake of Tobias' openly working to rebuild Freeland and earning acclaim in the process. As Grace and Anissa try to settle into sharing a living space together, Gambi continues to undermine Monovista International from within as The 100 plan to take down Tobias once and for all.


The Outsiders comics (Anissa gives Grace a copy of the book.)


Again, the use of music throughout this episode is one of its best features.


The new DEGs are estimated to be likely to explode 37% of the time, even without TC introducing an intentional flaw.

In addition to the new stun setting, the second generation DEGs can have their range and intensity adjusted on the fly. 

The maximum range on the new DEGs is 1000 meters. 

The flaw TC and Gambi introduce into the DEGs will cause them to misfire more often than they hit their target, due to the capacitor bank position.

Terrestrial resonance is a theory proposed by Nicola Tesla that electricity could be safely transmitted without wires. He attempted to construct a model at Wardenclyffe Tower, but it was never completed.

Dialogue Triumphs

Tobias: Have a seat, Jefferson.
Jefferson: No. No. I think I'll stand.
Tobias: Let me rephrase; sit your weak monkey-ass down before all the people of Freeland learn that the Pierce family is the chocolate-covered Incredibles.

(Jennifer walks in on TC watching her father fight in The 100's underground club.)
What are you watching?
TC: It's an underground fight club.
Jennifer: Wait - Fight Club? Like the movie?
TC: What movie?  (looks back to the screen) I was waiting on you to get here so we can fix your IG problem, but I got bored and started scrolling. Somebody posted it on their live feed and... it's crazy! It's like Mike Tyson's Punch-Out in real life! 
Jennifer: Mike Tyson's punch what?
TC: ... never mind.

Jefferson: Not now.
Lynn: No. You talk to me.
Jefferson: That's really funny coming from you.
Lynn: What? What's that supposed to mean?
Jefferson: It means I saw you, Lynn. You and your little cozy dinner with Tobias, which was three days ago. No word from you. Now, why is that? Is he your new type now?
Lynn: You son of a bitch! You hid things from me our entire marriage, and I don't tell you one thing-
Jefferson: Oh, one thing?! You're a drug addict. You hid that from us for months! You know, you could be on something right now, and you tell me that you weren't? I wouldn't believe you. I don't trust you!
Lynn: Right. Because the only person you truly trusted is gone now, right?  Henderson? What would Henderson say if he was here right now, Jeff? Huh? What would Henderson say if he could see you right now, Jeff?
Jefferson: I can't do this. 
(Jefferson goes out the front door, leaving Lynn gasping in anger.)


Jefferson has another nightmare: this time that he's been poisoned and can't move. Lynn is there but she injects herself with the same poison, leaving her helpless as Tobias comes and kicks in Jefferson's head.

TC is a big fan of Kid N' Play.

Gambi is more of an Otis Redding fan.

Gambi's current plan to stop the new wave of DEGs is to have TC introduce a design flaw into the blueprint that will delay their roll-out long enough for him to figure out a way to protect Jennifer, Anissa and Jefferson from them.

TC is apparently living with Gambi and has his own room in the same place as Gambi's new lab.

It has been three days since Jefferson saw Tobias and Lynn having dinner in 403.

Lynn has not told Jefferson about her dinner with Tobias, leaving Jefferson wondering if he can trust her anymore.

Gambi says he trusts Lynn to tell him in her time and asks Jefferson to leave it alone for now.

Gambi says he has been watching Tobias Whale since he returned to Freeland, but he hasn't done anything illegal yet.  All of his land dealings have been above-board and openly made.

Jefferson confronts Tobias at a local restaurant. 

All of Grace's belongings are still in storage.

Anissa and Grace have a fight after Grace asks about moving her things into Anissa's loft and Anissa says her comic collection and favorite chair wouldn't fit the aesthetic.

Tobias finances an $83 million proposal to rebuild the south side of Freeland.

The city is also financing a gun buyback program.

Tobias suggests they announce the new second-generation DEGs at an event at the Blackbird Homeless safe zone. Mayor Black agrees.

Jennifer is continuing to feel burned out following her recharge trips into the ionosphere.

TC says he's been reading up on the ionosphere and doesn't think it is safe for Jennifer to charge up there.

Lightning now has 2 million followers on Instagram, some 65 hours, 22 minutes and 22 seconds after TC set up her private account.

The 100 Gang acquire some what they were told were next-gen DEGs, but they aren't as powerful as advertised.

Lala consults with an ex-soldier he killed on why the guns aren't working. He has no idea as he isn't a scientist.

The deputy police chief of Freeland is working for The 100, to pay off his gambling debts. He tells Lala about the shipment of 2nd Generation DEGs that are being shipped to the police in two days. He is in charge of logistics for the shipment.

Lauren elects to release the flawed DEGs anyway, even after Gambi points out the flaw.

Jefferson is still fighting in Lala's underground club.

Lala tells Jefferson that he needs to quit while he's ahead, because it will lead to trouble if Jefferson dies in his arena.

The Deputy Police Chief advises Chief Lopez that trusting Tobias Whale is not a smart thing.

TC discovered Lala's underground fight club steam.

TC has not seen the movie Fight Club.

Jennifer has never heard of the video game Mike Tyson's Punch-Out.

Jennifer recognizes her father even before TC is able to remove the electric distortion hiding his face.

Lynn reads Jefferson the riot act about his taking part in the fight club.

Jefferson tells Lynn he knows about her dinner with Tobias.

Lauren shows up at Gambi's apartment. She admits he was right about the DEG alignment being off by 2.5 millimeters.

The 2nd Generation DEG release is delayed for a few days.

Lauren says she has another project Gambi can help her with.

Rebecca Larsen is now claiming the real footage of Lightning saving people is fake.

Jefferson overhears people in a bar wishing Black Lightning would come back. When he asks what Black Lightning ever did to help Freeland,one man talks about how Black Lightning talked to him and got him to quit a gang and go back to school.

Anissa gives Grace a pristine copy of The Outsiders: Volume 2, Issue 16 - the comic that was in her back pocket when they met in 103 - as a house warming present, which they can hang on the wall.

Anissa's smart house, Shonda, informs her that Mayor Black doesn't have adequate security for his event at the Homeless Safe Zone. She and Grace go to protect the people.

Lightning goes out with them at first, but the decides to patrol the rest of the city.

Grace shape-shifts herself a masked costume and decides to give herself the code name Wylde, as an effort to reclaim her original last name.

Jefferson apologizes to Lynn for getting lost in his grief. She also apologizes for not telling him about Tobias right away. 

Lynn says she has no intention of working with Tobias, but Jefferson thinks she should so that she can spy on him and figure out his plans.

The 100 attempt to kill Tobias, but Thunder takes the DEG shot meant for him fired by Lala.

Grace throws down all the officials on the stage where Tobias and Mayor Black were delivering their speeches.

Mayor Black is shot and killed in the crossfire.

Chief Lopez blames the metahumans for getting in her way before she could protect the mayor.

Tobias arranged for his security to use police issued rounds, so the coroner will believe Mayor Black was killed by the police.

Lauren reveals that she is working on an energy field emitter, similar to the one proposed by Nicola Tesla, built around terrestrial resonance. She's managed to get the field to work, but it will only cover a few blocks.

Gambi agrees to help her work on it.

Tobias calls a press conference where he announces he is personally doubling the number of DEGs going to the Freeland Police.

Jefferson tries to talk to Jennifer and apologize to her for how he's acted. She leaves out her bedroom window when he's done talking.

TC notes Jennifer's energy levels spiking through her costume as she flies into the ionosphere again. As he calls her to check on her, 

Jennifer's power levels overload and she's left unable to move. 

The episode ends with Jennifer seeming to explode.

Untelevised Adventures

Jennifer tells Lynn about Jefferson taking part in the fight club off-camera.

The Winick Factor

Granting that Jennifer doesn't always think things through, it's unbelievable she'd never consider that her parents might hear about Lightning having an Instagram account.

The Bottom Line

An explosive episode, no pun intended, which escalates the stakes even as we start to see the Jefferson Pierce we know and love once more.

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